Although vastu mainly focuses on the study of architecture and direction, the truth is that the ancient science encompasses numerous factors of décor and structure to present its practitioners with positive flow of energy.

From the location of your favorite plants to overhead beams, vastu is concerned with all matters of your living space. So why not follow the right teachings to ensure you’re doing right by vastu?

What Mistakes Are You Making?

1. Using Dark Colors

Pallavi Chhelavda, a leading vastu consultant states that color can make or break the flow of energy in your home, and your behavior. This is why most interior decorators lean towards lighter hues like blue, yellow, dark green, and white so the shades lend a calming effect. Red, grey and black are a big no-no, so get colors that allow the room to breathe.

2. Placing Your Bed in the North Corner

Next time you have a bad dream, try changing the direction of your bed and see how it goes.

Having the head of your bed in the northern corner of your home often brings negative energy towards the person in question, and leads to them having nightmares and feeling drained. Stay away from the northern corner, or choose a different room altogether.

3. Having Exposed Beams

Vastu defects caused by overhead beams can be very damaging. Often, exposed beams lead to disagreements and arguments between members of the family, or people living in the vicinity. Avoid sitting under such exposed parts in your home. Or better yet, have a false ceiling installed. That’ll solve your problem and make your ceilings look aesthetically pleasing.

4. Keeping Plants that Leak Milky Liquid

For your own sake, replace thorny plants and such plants that leak liquid with a money plant or flowers.

Plants that leak liquid generate negative energy which can spread pretty fast. Move such plants outside your home, placing them in the balcony so they don’t seep into your home energy.

5. Dramatic Statues or Paintings

Scenes of war, wild beasts, nude portraits, aggressive or dramatic paintings and heavy statures are a no-no.

Paintings and statues can have an acute effect on family members and other people in the house. Avoid placing such paintings and statues, and stay away from pictures of birds as well. Go for scenes of good health temples, nature or religious symbols to ward off evil or negative energy.


Your home is your sanctuary.

Preserve its beauty with the best information on vastu Shastra and review all facets of the study to ensure that you’re protecting your home and energy and bringing prosperity and happiness to your surroundings.

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