Vastu for Business

The forces of Vastu Shastra do not just affect households, but businesses and buildings too. Indeed, energy flows through all kinds of structures and it is important that it is utilized properly.

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Vastu Show
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Pallavi Chhelavda does her utmost to help as many people as possible attain the benefits of Vastu Shastra. She appears on multiple televisions shows on many networks so that her advice can go out to as many people as possible.

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Vastu FAQs
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Many people are aware of the power of Vastu. Others are new to the science. The answers to these questions are helpful for those who want better understand of this source of knowledge.

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Vastu Shastra is a mystical science that originating from the Vedic traditions of ancient India. For centuries, it has emphasized the proper utilization of the energy that flows all around us and through our homes. Pallavi Chhelavda has now mastered this complex science after years of studying it so that she can help those in need.

Vastu Consultant Pallavi Chhelavda
Pallavi Chhelavda


Negative forces in one’s life can bring about many hardships such as; financial difficulties, poor health, relationship trouble and falling academics. Pallavi Chhelavda’s Vastu consultation services have been helping people around the world overcome their woes and lead a successful life.

We bring you a range of practical solutions, advice and consultancy, as well as the tools and resources to successfully implement the elements of Vastu Shastra in your life.

With the help of Pallavi Chhelavda, professional Vastu analyst and Feng Shui consultant, we offer you comprehensive information on the ancient sciences, creating a strong basis for Vastu Vidya here in the USA.

We answer all your burning questions, expanding on the origins in the development of Vastu.

If you need specialized analysis, or a specific Vastu Shastra consultation for your home, office or investments, get in touch with Pallavi Chhelavda.

Meet Pallavi Chhelavda

Pallavi Chhelavda is the notable founder of the Vastu Feng Shui Research Institute in Orlando, USA. In addition to being an expert on the ancient science, she is also a best-selling author, a television personality among other things.

Pallavi Chelavda’s work has helped many people around the world overcome the negative energy and lead a prosperous life. Her knowledge and efforts to assist those in need has earned her multiple awards.

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Pallavi Chhelavda is famous for the long lasting effect of her advice. Many people of all races, religions, creeds and backgrounds have approached her for guidance over the years. Her generosity has earned the respect and admiration of people all over the planet; including notable celebrities, politicians, intellectuals, and more.


Vastu Consultation

The positivity or negativity of the forces in ones household or business could spell their success or doom. Schedule an appointment with Pallavi Chhelavda and take the first step in reaping the benefits of Vastu Feng Shui.


Pallavi Chhelavda has been studying the mystical science of Vastu Shastra for almost thirty years. She is well qualified to provide distressed people the guidance that they need.


Through her professional demeanor and charm, Pallavi Chhelavda has won the trust of people all over the world, including many famous personalities. She has helped in shaping their lives and careers for the better.


People who have consulted with Pallavi Chhelavda have regularly praised the longevity of her advice. Due to her grasp of Vastu Shastra, she is able to provide ideas that last for an extensive period of time.

Recent News Update

Besides her excellent consultancy services and regular appearances on television shows, Pallavi Chhelavda also writes blogs and news articles so that people are enlightened about the science of Vastu.

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