Vastu Shastra is often thought to be just about architecture and design but it has long been believed to influence the success and prosperity of businesses and commercial spaces as well. The principles, which are based on the alignment of a building with the natural elements, help increase the flow of positive energy in the surrounding environment.

This blog explores what one of the best Vastu consultants, Pallavi Chhelavda, has to say about the role of Vastu Shastra in business.

How Does Vastu Translate To a Business Space?

In business and commercial spaces, Vastu Shastra is used to optimize the flow of positive energy, or prana throughout the building. This is believed to improve the overall well-being of the occupants and contribute to the success of the business.

Elements To Keep in Mind

Vastu Shastra principles are used to determine the optimum location, orientation, and layout of a building, along with the placement of furniture, equipment, and decor. Let’s take a look at how this translates to a commercial space.

The Main Entrance

One important principle of Vastu Shastra in places of work is the placement of the main entrance. The entrance should be located in the north, east, or northeast direction, which is believed to invite positive energy and prosperity.

The entrance should also be free of obstructions and well-lit to ensure a positive first impression for clients and customers.

The Layout of the Offices

Another important aspect to consider is the location of the office or workspace within the building. Choose a space located in the south or southwest direction, which is believed to promote stability and strength.

The seating arrangement of the employees should also be in alignment with Vastu principles, with the manager or owner’s desk facing north and having a solid wall behind them.

Placement of Objects

These guiding principles can also be used to determine the placement of certain objects within the office, such as plants, aquariums, and mirrors. A plant placed in the northeast corner of the office is believed to bring prosperity, while a water fountain in the southeast corner is believed to promote financial stability.

Consult a Vastu Shastra Consultant

Vastu Shastra contributes to a positive and harmonious work environment by optimizing the flow of positive energy and creating a balanced and auspicious space. For more Vastu tips for your home or workplace, consult Pallavi Chhelavda or tune in to her Vastu shows. Can’t make it in person? You can connect with the Vastu consultant online.

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