Continuing from where we left off in our first blog, let’s dive more into the details of vastu and learn the intricacies of the study of architecture and how it helps us improve our life and home.

Myths or Truth – What Do the Teachings of Vastu Say?

Vastu is the same as Feng Shui

While both vastu and feng shui are designed to provide humans with the correct method of placement and direction, they are not the same.

Vastu Shastra’s main focus was on the architecture of Hindu temples in connection with cosmic energy, feng shui was originally implemented on for placing graves in graveyards.

In modern culture though, both studies use different elements and different rules to prove their claims.

Empty Basements in Your Home Bring Bad Luck

Many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers utilize basements for parking purposes, so having empty spaces at times cannot be avoided.

However, you can counteract any bad vastu from these spaces by keeping your basement clean, and painted in light colors with bright light fixtures so there’s no possibility for darkness.

It’s Bad Luck for Fish to Die in Your Aquarium

That is untrue. According to vastu, it is believed that every time a fish dies naturally, a problem in your home or office dies as well. Aquariums are considered very lucky for homes and commercial spaces since they maintain a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Keeping an aquarium in your office attracts wealth for your purposes.

You Should Never Grow Peepal tree in a Home’s Vicinity

Having a tree in your home has never proven to cause any harm. Nature has its own rules and any creation will emit its own energy and affect yours as well.

However, if you have a Peepal tree (sacred fig tree) in your front yard, it would be best to plant a Peepal tree in the backyard as well to create a balance of positive flow of energy.

Facing East When Doing Business is Profitable for Business

This myth has no basis in vastu.

While it is beneficial to sit facing the east when working, changes in the modern world have made it difficult to follow this particular rule. Accordingly, it’s better if you choose the right direction in line with your business to get the most success and profit.


When learning about vastu Shastra, it’s important to focus on the logical basis of each fact, rather than just going with what you read or hear.

By contacting a professional vastu consultant like Pallavi Chhelavda, you too can utilize her knowledge and put her teachings to good use for your home and profession.

So hire her and learn to decorate and construct your home to benefit your efforts for a successful and prosperous life.


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