With your home construction, it’s in your hands to have your dream house built in a vastu-compliant way.

But while you may follow the teachings of vastu, there is still so much to learn. And that can increase your chances of making mistakes.

So how should you approach this?

Hiring a Professional Vastu Consultant

It’s best to have a professional like Pallavi Chhelavda to guide you on your journey.

Thanks to their training, an expert would be better equipped to know which direction and element would work for your home and goals. However, in the meantime, just to get you started, here are some details on home construction according to Vastu that may encourage you to begin the project.

Building a Vastu Compliant Home Construction

Perform a Bhumi Pooja

Usually done in the morning, this ritual should be performed on the first day of construction. According to vastu, this ritual depicts an act of asking for permission from Mother Earth so you can build on its space.

You see, when constructing a building, you bring change to the earth and that can disturb the equilibrium of energies flowing in that area. By performing the ritual, you’ll be asking for permission and forgiveness.

Add these Details to the Blueprint

When designing a blueprint for your home construction, focus on the following details so the basic structure of your home reflects the teachings of vastu.

  • Home entrance – Have your home entrance facing north east. The east is the most auspicious direction for homes, since the sun rises in the east. Therefore, it brings in positive energy and light, two factors that enhance the effects of vastu in your home.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen should not be located directly in front of your home’s main door. Instead, have your kitchen constructed in the south-east corner of your home. Cooking should usually be done while facing the east, so having that particular room situated in that corner would save you the trouble of having the stove constructed elsewhere in the room.
  • Master bedroom – In an easy-facing house, bedrooms should be located in the south west corner. If you follow the above points, having your bedrooms in that location will ensure that no aroma or noise carry into your rooms. Also, have square or rectangular shaped rooms. This ensures that you have more space for other sections of the house.
  • Bathroom – Considering this room from an aesthetic and health angle, it’s better if you have the bathroom constructed in the north-west corner of the building or room. If you can’t switch to the south-east corner. However, be cautious of the location of the kitchen. As per vastu, it’s not recommended to have the kitchen and bathroom adjacent to each other.

Follow these basic steps for a vastu-complaint space. And by recruiting the help of a vastu consultant like Pallavi Chhelavda, you’ll be able to follow all the vastu details required for your dream home.

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