The Vastu Way

To become a home, a house needs to flow with positive energy. As one would imagine this should come from the family, but Feng shui experts know that it comes as much from the placement of items or one’s surrounding as it does from the occupants.

If one were to view it from the perspective of an establishment, one would take it to be the ambience that directly affects. Needless to say there is more to it than that. Taking color for example where appetite is stimulated by the colors red and yellow, and tamed by the color blue, we can see how vastu is in fact a scientific approach to decorating one’s home or commercial property with the purpose of stimulating this positive energies.

That being said, the study of Vastu Shastra takes a considerable amount of time, wit and eye for detail that not many can embrace. This does not mean you cannot exploit the benefits of practicing the art. Of course going through the basics of Vastu may not be as hard, however, consulting with a Vastu expert would be the best route to ensure your abode or establishment is Vastu compliant.

One such expert, renowned around the world for being the key factor of quite a handful of celebrities’ successes worldwide, Pallavi Chhelavda, offers Vastu services across the globe.

Vastu Consultation

What does she have to offer that no one else has?

Well besides her recent success, as a Feng Shui expert since 1989 in her hometown of India, she has had more than 1500 shows, in the course of 10 years, which she airs on main stream channels like TV asia, Start, apna colors, sony and Zee tv or her YouTube channel, Pallavi Chhelavda.

Now situated in the US, she has 7 people working under her wing, with aims to follow in her footsteps of spreading the goodness of Vastu at a global scale.  She makes it easier to reach out to her by giving all possible accessible means whether it be by phone, email, chat or even in person.

How to Reach her?

To call, all you need to do is dial (407) 529-5714.

For email you can leave her a message at or

you could fill out the enquiry form on her website

Fees and Services

Personal Astrology Consultation (over the phone) – $ 150.00/ person

A 1 time fee with a duration of 3 years’ worth of service is available, however, Flat fees will be computed per square foot.

For follow-up consultations you can view our packages on the site:

Online Consultation: Facebook, WhatsApp, Personally Pallavi Chhelavda will come in your site.

Specialization without any pooja paat 60 – 90days improvement starts.

Without any issues 30 to 90 working days from the start you will start to see results.

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha Jo Zindagi Badal De”

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