Whether you plan to construct a commercial building or simply wish to build your home, the main foundation of your establishment is not the main structure but rather it is the lot itself. And by lot, we mean, the type of soil, size and shape of the ground with which you wish to build on.

The length, width and materials by which you wish to build your construction with are all reliant upon these factors. As Paula White would say, “the building is only as tall as the foundation is strong enough to build on.”

To determine the stability of the lands you wish to construct your establishments on, you might want to consult professionals of the sciences. Individuals armed with the knowledge to tell whether or not the type of soil, slope and direction are appropriate for your construction, so you can get an objective view point and recommendations as to what to do.

This being said, who better to consult than a “Vastu Expert”. Though you might want to get surveyors and industrial engineers to work with you, it couldn’t hurt to seek the guidance of a Vastu professional as well. Why?

An ancient science, Vastu has long determined the best materials, location, construction and placement of materials to ensure that your structures are in tune with the natural energies of the earth. This ensures that you do not go against the natural forces such as trees that sway in the wind so that you can best benefit from the flow of power which nature has to offer.

Plotting your Lot with Vastu

Anything done in accordance with the principles in Vastu will be rewarded with the 3 P’s of life- peace, progress, and prosperity. When it comes to lot selection or at least the choosing of where to lay your construction, getting these 3 P’s would be through the direct observation of Land Evaluation and Direction.

Of course, your land will be open in all directions, however, looking from a commercial standpoint, it is naturally reasonable to create your building in alignment with corresponding establishments or public paths or roads. That way you do not go against the flow of traffic and you make it much easier to enter or leave the premises.

In the observance of Vastu, however, Direction of the land is determined by the earth’s natural compass. The planet itself is a magnet and the flow of energy follows its natural magnetic flow. That is which Vastu follows.

Here are some of the specific principles of Vastu you could follow with this principle:

  • To best incorporate all directions in your construction it is best to keep generally regular shapes of lots such as rectangular and square lots. Irregular shapes including sher mukhi are not advisable for residential purposes, however, this can vary depending on what you which to use it for.


  • Slopes of the land should be towards the North or the East but never facing the West or South.


  • If you happen to come across a square plot with roads surrounding it from all sides, it is advised to purchase it even if at the highest prices as owners of such properties are bound to prosper in any way- health, wealth and happiness.


Following these simple guidelines, you may look for the perfect lot for you, however, it is still advisable to consult a Vastu expert when purchasing a property in accordance with Vastu, as a professional would be able to tell you whether the plot’s topography – soil type, surroundings and fertility of land – is best for you and if vibrations and energy of the land can bring you to your success or demise.

With this in mind, you may want to consult Pallavi Chhelavda, India’s and the USA’s leading Vastu and Feng Shui expert before you make your buy. Years of experience and in-depth knowledge have not only made her an expert on all matters Vastu but she has also been a trusted Feng Shui expert who has brought many individuals- businessmen, celebrities and ordinary families- prosperity in their lives.

Worried you might not reach her?

Say no more!

Though currently residing in the US, Pallavi makes it so you can reach her anytime and anywhere. She is free for personal or online consultations and if you wish you could always follow her YouTube Channel Pallavi Chelavda to get more insight on the teachings of Vastu.

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