Over 43 million households in the US have a pet cat. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science, pets in homes can impact the energy the space attracts. When it comes to cats, Vastu has both positive and negative views. This blog shares the pros and cons of keeping felines as pets, based on Vastu Shastra for the home.

The Pros of Keeping a Cat

Vastu Shastra stresses keeping cats as pets or feeding them to  reduce the doshas or faults associated with the South East direction. According to Vastu consultants, they may also promote good health for the females in the home. Since they’re associated with the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, it is said that cats can bring in wealth and money.

The Cons of Keeping a Cat

Having said that, there are also some negative views about keeping cats as pets. They’re believed to be sensitive to vibrations, which can ward off positive and attract negative energy into the home. As is believed in many cultures, Vastu Shastra warns against keeping black cats as pets, as they are believed to bring bad luck and misfortune.

If you do have a cat, it is recommended that its bed be placed in a fluid space such as a balcony.

A gray cat with green eyes looks into the distance

Looking After Your Pet

Bringing a furry feline home is a big responsibility. Above all, Vastu stresses that pet owners must care for their pets by giving them a comfortable space, fresh water, nutritious food, and lots of love and attention.

You can do this by giving them a clean and well-ventilated area of the house to sleep in. This should preferably be facing the northwest or southeast direction. Regular grooming and hygiene along with lots of cuddles will ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

Consult a Vastu Expert in the USA

If you do decide to keep a cat, it’s always a good idea to have a consultation with a Vastu expert to get the right guidance.

For personalized advice, reach out to Pallavi Chhelavda, who’s a Vastu Shastra consultant in the USA. She can guide you regarding pets, give you Vastu tips for the home, and even share her expertise on feng shui for business. Intrigued? Check out her popular Vastu show.

For more information, you can connect with the Vastu consultant online, or call 407 529 5714.

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