Vastu Shastra expert Pallavi Chhelavda describes Holi as the perfect time to remove the poverty-inducing, sorrow-creating, and pain-rendering Vastu dosh from your premises. The festival of colors falls on the last full moon of Phalguna, which happens to be March 8 this year.

Mark your calendars for the following Vastu shastra measures for Holi.

Please Lakshmi with Rangoli

Holi, like Diwali, is incomplete without Rangoli, a floor art drawn near entrances to bring prosperity and good fortune to a residential or commercial location.

According to Vastu, drawing Rangoli using yellow and red colors pleases Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck. Draw one outside your property to remove the Vastu dosh and earn the grace and pleasure of this goddess of the north/northeast. 

Indulge in Horticulture

You can plant plants and trees before or after celebrating the festival to replace the negativity in your house with positivity. Vastu Shastra dictates that even something as minor as a bunch of saplings can help remove the defects in a house.

Chhelavda suggests planting an even number of trees in your house in the southwest corner to structure your home and enhance your financial stability. She recommends holy basil (tulsi), aloe vera, and the money plant.

A Radha-Krishna Portrait for Marital Harmony, According to Vastu

Replace Marital Strife with Marital Bliss

The story of Radha, a milkmaid, and Krishna, the god of protection, love, and compassion, is one for the ages. Any believer would describe her as a lifelong companion, something every married person aspires to be.

This Holi, you can manifest these aspirations by installing a small framed picture of Radha and Krishna in your bedroom. Not only could that remove any tension in your marital life, but it may also reduce the smaller disputes and spats that are a source of friction in your marriage.

Bring the Sun Associations into Your Workplace

The sun/Surya and Lord Indra, the king of gods, rule the east direction. Don’t miss them while practicing Vastu Shastra for Holi, especially in the workplace. Install their portraits—a large artifact featuring Indra or the rising sun—in your office to overcome losses and improve your bottom line. Ensure the portraits are facing the direction of Indra.

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