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With her extensive understanding of the working of Vastu Shastra, Pallavi Chhelavda has helped many people turn their lives around. Her skills and efforts with the Vastu Feng Shui Research Institute have attracted a lot of attention, including many notable personalities.

The result of Pallavi Chhelavda’s work is highly sought after. Her guidance offered to businesspersons, hotel operators and ordinary homeowners have helped improve their financial situation dramatically. She has made philanthropic efforts to spread knowledge about the science of Vastu through social media platforms and a YouTube Channel.

She has regularly appeared on television in different talk shows and interviews to enlighten as many people as she can to the benefits of Vastu. Now, she has taken her experience on the air with her show Vastu Living to help families as possible to overcome the challenges they are facing in life because of negative forces. This show has been airing for several years and now it has a strong, established base of viewers. It has been acclaimed for its representation of Vastu Shastra and its intent to educate people about ancient science.

Vastu Living is a unique show where Pallavi Chhelavda, and the show’s host Vikas Nangia visit the houses and businesses of people who are distressed by negative energy.

Pallavi Chhelavda inspects every aspect of the structure’s architecture and interior design to discover elements that may be disrupting the flow of positive energy. Her brilliant advice to the owners is then broadcasted, and this advice can be of immense benefit to not just the owners displayed on the screen, but to the thousands to whom her message will reach.

Old episodes of the show can be viewed on Pallavi Chhelvada’s YouTube channel.

Families who wish to have their home visited can send the show’s team their name, address, personal experience with Vastu and other relevant information. The show’s technical team will go through each individual case and select potential guests after reviewing them. If the team deems you as a viable option, you will be visited by Pallavi Chhelavda. She will look into your problems on television and provide you with correct guidance. The show will then be aired across four major networks.

Viewers also gain vital information from watching Vastu Living as they learn important tips on how to control the flow of energy through their house and business. A show like this is great for those who are unable to avail Pallavi Chhelavda’s brilliant Vastu consultation for whatever reason. While each individual case is different and the advice for one person cannot be the same for another, people can nevertheless develop a fairly good idea of what changes to make in their lifestyle in order to attract positive energy.

Avail this opportunity to appear on national television and contact our technical team with your details.

Let Vastu Consultant, Pallavi Chhelavada, guide you on the intricacies of Vastu Shastra and its effects on your personal and professional life.

She takes you on a journey of learning, providing in-depth expertise on the designs, measurements, layouts, arrangements, and geometry of a Vastu-friendly space.

The Vastu Living Show offers comprehensive guidance of the distinct philosophy and its application in real life. Tune in to her vastu show right here with us, and get recommendations and guidance from a Vastu Shastra expert who makes it easy to follow Vastu.

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