Your living room is the heart of your special personal Eden that you call home. As such, it requires some extra attention if you’re finally planning on decorating it according to the teachings of vastu.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu study of architecture that teaches practitioners the right way of directing positive energy in their living space. However, mistakes can cause those tricks to work the wrong way, since they can bring about vastu defects, which in turn can worsen an already bad state of energy in your home if that is indeed, the case.

Common Living Room Design Mistakes, According to Vastu

In order to correct these certain mistakes, it’s important that you first learn to recognize them. Here is a list of common mistakes people make when decorating their homes according to vastu.

Uncomfortable Furniture

Leave the vibrant and artistic pieces of furniture for a drawing room. The furniture in your living room allows you to relax and rest. Stick to pieces that offer that. Recliners are a great option. However, if you’d rather stick to the traditional choices, choose square, rectangular or circular pieces.

Heavy Curtain

Heavy drapes are a big no-no, especially if you have windows facing the north or the east. Allow the sunlight to come in and use a combination of light and dark fabric curtains to keep the noise out but the sunlight and bright energy in.

Cluttered Spaces

Clutter attracts negative energy. Have a cleaning spree every six months and get rid of anything that you haven’t used. Remove any decoration pieces that are heavy or do not offer an element of beauty to your room. Keep the room clean and add live plants. Make sure they are healthy and well-taken care of.

Dim Lighting

While there’s no need to keep you room starkly lit, there should be a balance in lighting and design. Choose light bulbs that give off a soft glow to add that element of coziness to the mix. And keep all corners of the room well-lit, all through the day.

Dark Colors

Avoid red and black at all costs. Again, your living room should exude a sense of positive energy. Per vastu rules, that means you’re allowed to only use colors that give off a tranquil vibe. Blue, light yellow, green, white and other softer colors would be a much better choice.

Decorating Your Living Room the Right Way

Do not make the mistake of searching for vastu-related information online.

Your safest choice should be to contact an experienced consultant in vastu Shastra like Pallavi Chhelavda who would be able to guide you on all matters related to your vastu and its implications on your home design.

With her extensive knowledge about the world of Vastu Shastra, Pallavi Chhelavda now offers her understanding to people in the United States through her TV show, “Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelavda”. To book an appointment, call at 407-529-5714.

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