If your home doesn’t feel like home anymore, it might have more to do with the vastu and your interior décor choices than you think.

The vastu of your home is a network of elemental balance that is designed with the help of specific directions through the teachings of vastu Shastra. If one thing is out of track, this disturbance can greatly affect the energy pattern in your home. And can thus lead to vastu defects i.e. negative energy.

No reason to fret though!

As a professional consultant of Vastu Shastra, I have the information you need to maintain a vastu-compliant home.

What’s wrong with Your Home?

Let’s start with the factors that could be affecting the vastu in your home.

Often, people don’t realize that even seemingly simple changes can have an effect on your home energy. Broken objects or cracked glass can, of course, bring about negative energy. However, even changes that block air circulation or sunlight can have harmful consequences. And that’s not all. Here are some other factors that adversely affect the energy in your home:


Clutter doesn’t necessarily mean a messy desk or overstuffed drawers. Having too many possessions (especially ones you do not use) can make your home look stuffy, dark and unkempt. A well-organized home with lots of space can make a big difference.

 No flowers or plants

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, plants and flowers are quite beneficial for vastu as well, since they attract sunlight and positive energy. But be advised. Certain plants carry negative energy (like cacti). Always consult a professional when buying foliage.

Lack of Mirrors

Mirrors are an important tool in vastu Shastra. Ideal for attracting positive energy and clearing out negative thoughts, mirrors deflect negative energy from your home, especially if they’re placed in vastu-specific directions.

Certain Odors or Lack of Cleanliness

The teachings of vastu Shastra stress on the importance of cleanliness. According to vastu, a dirty home or odors can greatly impact the overall energy of your home. If you want to clean out negative energy, it’s important to use different incense or candles, and maintain a clean home.

Maintaining a Vastu Compliant Home

There are numerous vastu Shastra tips you can implement on your home to make it more inviting and peaceful:

  • Maintain a clear path in your home – Disruption of any kind can hugely impact the quality of energy in your home. Remove any furniture that may in a direct path.
  • Understand color psychology in vastu –Much like the teachings of feng shui, vastu Shastra also focuses on colors to influence the flow of energy in a living space.
  • Keep your home bright –sunlight brings bright, positive energy. Remove any heavy curtains or blinds, and replace them with light fabric curtains so as to not disturb the flow of light.

Hire a Professional Vastu Feng Shui Consultant

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