Each Vastu direction in astrology has been assigned a deity and planet. You must please those lords and planets and prevent Vastu dosha by building the structure just right. Making an architectural plan, according to Vastu, makes for a long-lasting structure and attracts positivity.

Keep reading to learn the importance of following directions in Vedic astrology.

1.    North: Wealth and Success

Mercury rules the northern direction and signifies trade, finances, and intelligence. It’s ruled by Kubera, the Lord of Wealth, and is auspicious when kept wide and well-ventilated to let in all the positive energy entering from that direction.

2.    South: Life and Death

Mars and Lord Yamarule the southern direction of a home, office, factory, etc. While he is the god of death, the direction isn’t naturally negative. If anything, it’s where the positive energy entering from the north is stored.

Avoid Vastu dosha in the southern direction of your interior by removing all the doors and windows. In other words, remove all openings so there’s no drain source for the positive energy.

3.    West: Power and Rage

The walls facing the west are ruled by the planet of power and rage—Saturn—and Lord Varuna. In Vedic astrology, Varuna is described as divine authority personified. He rules the sky, ocean, and wind and is one of the Adityas, the group of gods upholding cosmic and moral law.

The west is to the east, what the south is to the north. It stores the positive energy entering from the east. Therefore, it shouldn’t have any openings, and the walls facing that direction should be made extra-thick and impermeable.

Saturn, the Planet of Power and Rage and the Ruler of the Eastern Vastu Direction in Astrology

4.    East: Fortune and Respect

East is the most powerful of all the four main Vastu directions in astrology. It is ruled by the Sun and Lord Indra, the kind of gods. The east decides whether or not you’ll lead a prosperous life within the confines of a property since it is ruled by the sustainer of life and the harbinger of that life (rain).

An eastward-facing corner built according to Vastu must be bright, big, and airy to bring you good fortune, a high social status, and power. For starters, try not to build energy-hindering restrooms and store rooms—consult our Vastu expert for more.

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