Most know Vastu Shastra as sacred architecture, as an art of replacing and rearranging objects and rooms in a certain way to restore and maintain the balance of energies. Plants shouldn’t just face a specific direction; they should also be a Vastu-compliant type and size.

See what Vastu expert Pallavi Chhelavda has to say about money plants, and keep reading for more Vastu plants.

1.    Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants last a decade, maybe more, given proper care and watering. They’re a symbol of longevity, so it should be no surprise that they bring good health into your household. 

Its straightness represents resilience in the face of adversity and unexpected modesty. The Vastu plant may also bring wealth into your household if placed in the southeast zone of your home or office.

2.    Holy Basil

You might know holy basil as tulsi. This sacred plant is often grown in private gardens, preferably near the entrance, and is believed to embody Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune. You can water this plant daily to achieve wealth and success in whatever you do.

If you’re skeptical about this aspect of the Vastu plant, consider the scientific aspect instead. The basil plant features an aromatic herb; it’s fresh and energizing and can be just the spiritual tonic your family members, staff, or the environment needs.

3.    Mint

You can grow mint in a pot at home or your workplace to improve communication and mutual understanding in your professional and personal life. The Vastu plant also gives a hint of success and wealth.

Many believers of Vastu Shastra place a pot near their windows to ward off evil spirits. They also use it instead of a dreamcatcher to keep nightmares at bay.

Keeping dried mint leaves near one’s office desk is known to bring success and wealth at work, whereas keeping them around sick people is believed to dispel negative energies from their ailment.

4.    Jade Plant

The jade plant has coin-like leaves, which betrays its wealth aspect. It attracts positive vibes and brings good fortune and success to domestic and workplace growers. Keep it close to the cash register if you run a store or place it near the entrance of your workplace/home for these results. Give the plant a few days to generate positive energy.

Discuss Vastu Plants with an Experienced Vastu Expert

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