Do mirrors bring bad luck for your love life?

Is it okay to have your doors parallel to one another?

Should you keep your cacti plants in the balcony or not at all?

If you’re new to vastu, you may have come across these questions frequently, each time with different responses. As a study that encompasses numerous facets of architecture and design, Vastu has an answer to all these inquiries.

However, instead of seeking the help of the internet to know truth, your best bet is to contact a professional vastu consultant and let them dispel any confusion.

Myths or Truth – What Do the Teachings of Vastu Say

Mirrors Cause Bad Luck for Your Love Life

It’s not the mirror that brings bad luck, it’s the placement.

It’s quite common to have a mirror in your bedroom, so the best way to negate any negative energy is by placing it against the north wall or the east wall.

Doors Aligned Opposite Each Other in a Line

This is a common misconception. According to the rules of vastu, even ancient temples can have doors aligned in a straight line. However, it’s better to have this particular detail designed with the help of a practicing vastu consultant.

Your Bathroom should not be in the Northeast Corner

While this rule was applicable in the olden days, technology does now present us with cleaner bathrooms so it not necessary to follow such rules now. All you need to do is make some changes to the décor, like adding colors and mirrors and you’ll easily be able to settle with this architectural design.

A Downward Staircase opposite Your Main Entrance Takes Away Your Wealth

Although not applicable if you’re living in an apartment with other apartments as well, this rule does not apply to homes either.

There is simply no science to this myth when it comes to vastu. It is just something that people began believing in.

Vastu does Not Allow the Entrance in the Southeast Direction or the Agni Kund

The southeast direction, also known as the Agni Kund can actually be very lucky for some people, whether they’re constructing an entrance for their home or commercial space. There is no need to worry about this direction or location.

Keeping a Statue of Lord Ganesha in Your Main Entrance Brings Wealth and Good Fortune

Not true.

While the idol of Lord Ganesha itself is revered, it should never be placed at the entrance of any building, since showing your back to the idol can bring misfortune and abject poverty.

Learning the Truth about Vastu

As one of the leading professional vastu consultant, Pallavi Chhelavda offers her guidance and knowledge on vastu and its implementation in your life.

So follow her teachings and stay tuned to our blogs to learn more on vastu myths and what you should believe in.



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