Like splashes of paint on a blank canvas, flowers and plants can lend a wonderful element of color to any living space.

Whether it’s your home or your office, the right ones can bring energy and a sense of positivity and peace.

However, that can only be accomplished if you understand vastu.

Learning about Plants and Flowers, According to Vastu

Don’t Use Artificial Flowers

Aside from the overall artificial look, fake flowers and plants attract negative odors and energy. Even the knowledge of feng shui warns against the use of artificial flowers for your home. Plastic and metal is a negative combination in nature, since it promotes the look of a lifeless plant in a space that only benefits from living things.

Use Bamboo

Vastu and feng shui, both consider bamboo to be quite auspicious and even lucky, since it represents various elements of each study i.e. fire, metal, wood, water and earth. If you have a bamboo plant, keep it in a container with at least 2-3 inches of water and place a coin within to balance it with the metal element.

Keep Bonsai Trees outside Your Home

While pretty to look at, a bonsai tree isn’t a positive plant to keep in your home. Because of their slow growth, the bonsai can be considered symbol of delay.

As such, it’s best to keep your bonsai tree outside to help it balance the elements of wood and air. Place it in the southeast or south corner.

Plant an Orange or Lemon Tree

Lemon and orange trees keep negative energy away from your home. Plant them at the entrance of your home or office.

Don’t Keep Thorny Plants

Thorny plants such as cacti and even roses bring negative energy into your surroundings. In addition, any plant that produces milk can be quite harmful for the vastu in your home or living space. It’s crucial that you keep such plants outside of your vicinity to minimize their effects.

Keep Peace Lilies

The beautiful peace lily is the best flower to have in your home. Known for their air purifying qualities, peace lilies bring positive and clean energy for all living spaces. And since they don’t need as much sunlight to survive, they thrive as indoor plants, especially when you provide with the right care.

Decorate with Flowers and Plants!

If you want to decorate your home or office with the right plants and flowers, Pallavi Chhelavda, the leading vastu consultant is the best person to guide you.

With her knowledge of the vast world of vastu, you can have a selection of foliage and flora that would be specially chosen to aid and protect your efforts and energy.



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