Celebrating love should be your priority this Valentine’s Day, but what if your relationship is too fraught with a lack of communication, misunderstandings, and frequent arguments to feel an ounce of love and affection toward each other?

Consider the possibility of a Vastu defect and consult Vastu expert Pallavi Chhelavda for more Vastu Shastra pointers like the ones below.

Reconfigure the Bedroom

If your bedroom doesn’t already face the southwest direction, it needs to do so immediately. The Sleep Foundation has cited Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, and other ancient sciences to explain how sleeping while facing south is good for your health. Sleeping with your head pointing southward lowers your blood pressure and reduces restlessness.

Good health contributes towards a good platonic and nonplatonic relationship. However, the southwest corner also represents one of the five Vastu Shastra elements: Earth. This element represents marriage and love, which is why reconfiguring your bedroom or rearranging your bed in that direction may improve your relationship in time for Valentine’s Day.

Good Vibes Only

You don’t need Valentine’s Day Vastu to know that hanging photos and paintings depicting objectively negative things, such as war, death, sorrow, etc., can create similar vibes in a room.

Make this February 14 about removing all such negative depictions from your home. Replace them with happier moments; a wedding photo here and a vacation selfie there. It will do wonders for your relationship.

A Couple Hanging a Framed Wedding Picture on a Wall

Activate the Southwest Energy

Daylight is an elixir for a failing relationship; it’s an elixir, period. Vastu Shastra experts also recommend light to activate the energy of the southwest corner to improve your mood and reignite lost love.

Place a yellow or red lighting fixture in the southwest corner of your bedroom to attract positive vibes, such as good fortune, love, and commitment.

Place the Bed Front and Center

The headboard is the only part of your bed that may remain in contact with the surrounding walls (recommended color: pink). Avoid placing the bed so that one side has a wall and the other has free space.

The partner facing the wall may feel trapped in the relationship. Place the bed in the center of your room. Alternatively, leave enough space on both sides for a nightstand.

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