A house isn’t just a descriptor of the personalities residing in it; it’s also a portal for positive or negative energies, depending on how you place certain objects, rooms, and so on. Click here to check out some Vastu tips for homes.

Since it’s equally important to ward off the negative, we have compiled a list of things against home Vastu.

1.    War Depictions

Paintings depicting war and bloody battlefields are against everything Vastu Shastra stands for. Vastu experts believe the violence shown in these portraits translates to a hostile domestic environment.

Keep rivalries and unnecessary disputes out of your home by removing anything alluding to Mahabharata, Ramayana, and any other historical war. Also, steer clear of abstract paintings with any number of negative interpretations.

Keep your artwork simple and straightforward; install a portrait of Goddess Laxmi to attract good fortune, wealth, and prosperity.

2.    Water Fountain

Water fountains are more common in commercial establishments than residential ones. Either way, you should evade the decoration for something more positive.

The flowing water in the fountain signifies temporariness; it gives the message that the wealth and success coming your way is short-lived and will float away over time.

Note: The significance of water fountains may vary from expert to expert. Some say it signifies the continuous flow of money and prosperity, whereas others consider it more along the above.

A Small Pot of Roses, Some Stems in a Cage, and a Bowl Containing Apples on a Window Ledge

3.    Prickly Plants

Prickly plants like cacti are a crowd favorite because they don’t need much upkeep. However, according to Vastu, they contain a sap that is a source of tension. Keep them at home, and they might lead to domestic disputes; keep them at the office, and they might give rise to office politics. 

If you must have a thorny plant inside your home, make sure it’s a rose plant placed in the southwest corner outside your house to absorb negative energy. Placing it inside may have the same effect as any thorny plant. Furthermore, prune and regularly remove any dead bits from the plant to maintain its auspiciousness. Since dead plants are bad luck (period), you should remove them from your property as soon as possible.

4.    Broken Anything

A great rule of thumb when entering a new house: Leave behind anything that might be cracked, broken, damaged, or old. This rule especially applies to the following items:

  • Mirror and glass
  • God and goddess statues
  • Electrical appliances
  • Kitchen utensils

The broken glass might cause financial problems in the future, whereas broken statues of holy gods and goddesses might lead to estranged and broken relations with friends and family.

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