The design of a house or building located in the suburbs must be aligned with the five elements to ensure that its occupants can ensure their well-being. This is because the architecture of the house or building should also be in harmony with the senses.

Vastu Shastra highlights that the alignment of a house and its surroundings can affect its occupants’ mental and physical health. In addition to the weather and the building’s design, other factors, such as the direction of the winds and the light from the Sun, can also affect the well-being of its occupants.

1. The Main Entrance: Doorway

The main entrance of a home is considered the gateway to success and progress, according to the ancient Indian design principle of Vastu. It should be designed in such a way that it faces either the north, east, or northeast direction when exiting the house.

The main entrance of a home should be made of solid wood, and it should be above the other doors in the house to give it an appealing appearance. You should also avoid placing water-centric elements such as fountains or shoe racks outside the entryway.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to designing the main entrance of a home is ensuring that it is well-lit. You should also avoid painting the door black, as it will give it an unwanted effect. You can additionally decorate it with beautiful torans and nameplates and ensure that it opens in a clockwise manner.

2. The Meditation Room: Spirituality

Having a meditation room in the house can help residents form a stronger connection with a higher power. It can also help individuals introspect and align themselves with the right guidance.

You can also create a tranquil and relaxing environment in your home by having a meditation room that faces the north or east side of the house. This will allow you to practice yoga or meditation whenever you want. You can also decorate it with various accessories, such as candles and incense sticks.

3. The Living Room: Social

The interior design of a kitchen

Most of the activity in a home is centered in the living room. Having a clutter-free living room can help create a favorable first impression for the people who visit the house for social events.

To ensure that the living room is designed with a positive impact, it should be located in the north, east, or west direction. It should also be equipped with heavy furniture placed in the west or southeast direction. If there’s a mirror in the room, it should be placed on the north wall.

4. The Courtyard: Your Home’sCosmic Centre

The ancient Indian architecture known as Brahmasthan is regarded as the most powerful and holiest zone in the house. It’s also the center of the house. This unique feature is based on the principles of Vastu Shastra.

The Brahmasthan should be completely free of clutter and obstructions to ensure it can receive limitless energy. Having a circumference of around a meter is also important to ensure that it doesn’t have any built-up area. If the pillars, ceilings, and walls of your home are placed in this area, it could attract negative energy.

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