Bedroom Location

South-west is the best direction for a room that belongs to the head of the family. But, make sure it is not directly above the kitchen or bathroom.

Material Of The Bed

Wood has a positive impact on the energy of a space.

So, make sure your bed is made of wood rather than metal.

Bedroom Color

Light shades or shades of green are best for the master bedroom.

These colors are known for relaxing and have meditative impact.

Pink is a good option if you want to improve relationship with your spouse.

Floor And Ceiling

  1. Avoid a round ceiling above the bed.
  2. Mop the floor at least once a week with sea salt and water solution; as it removes negative energy.

Other Tips

Do not place the temple in the bedroom.

Remove all broken or chipped items.

Avoid a round or oval-shaped bed.



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