Through my previous post, I have established that Vastu shastra concerns the energy of everything that surrounds us. While we often focus a lot on the decoration and furniture, we forget the core elements of the house – the floors and ceilings.

Flooring is the lowest point and the ceiling being the highest creates a corridor for energy and plays a significant role in containing and balancing the energy around the house. Also, we should keep in mind that both the elements extend throughout the home, and will, therefore, have a bigger impact on the energies of your home.

If you are about to build or design a home, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind.

Flooring and Vastu

The first thing you should choose wisely is the material of the flooring. In Vastu, we always recommend natural material as it tends to improve the flow of energies. However, there is a variety of natural materials ranging from stone, wood, and marble to brick and the direction of the room must be considered when choosing the right flooring for specific areas.

As for colors, lighter colors are always the best options to go with. Colors of nature such as light blue or yellow are considered highly auspicious. White, however, should be avoided for bedrooms.

Ceiling and Vastu

Moving ahead and above towards the ceilings. According to Vastu Shastra, ceilings should be flat instead of hanging or elevated. However, if this is how your home was originally built, you can use a false ceiling to create a flatter form. Similarly, beams must also be hidden, as they tend to obstruct the flow of positive energy in the room. Like the rest of the home, avoid painting ceiling in dark colors.

Lighting and Vastu

The topic of ceiling and flooring remains incomplete without the mention of lighting. Light denotes everything positive, and therefore, it is important to have a home that is well lit. The more natural light it gets, the better it is for the energy in your home. But when placing windows and fixtures, the direction and placement matter.

Incorporate Vastu Shastra to Brighten Up Your Life

Incorporating Vastu while building a home is easy, but at Vastu Show, my aim is to help anyone make changes that can help them align their home and energies according to the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Working with a credible Vastu Feng Shui consultant can help you take advantage of this wonderful art and science without spending amount on reconstructions.

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