Industrial Vastu is very big in South Asia because of an industrial revolution directly related to a growing economy. That said, the US isn’t that far behind; reach out to our Vastu shastra consultant in the US if you’ve contributed to the recent 3.7% increase in manufacturing businesses.

Get a closer look at the ancient practice of Vastu-compliant factory layouts.

The Importance of Vastu Shastra in Manufacturing Units

Quality assurance, supply chain management, and raw material access are massive challenges in the industrial sector, pandemic notwithstanding. Believe it or not, the Vastu of a factory can help you avoid downtime, subpar product quality, and a slow supply chain.

No matter how small or large your manufacturing unit, arrange it according to the following industrial Vastu tips to avoid problems in every aspect, from production to labor to logistics.

Machinery: Arrange by Purpose, Not Weight

Every once in a while, self-proclaimed Vastu experts air some tenets that are more mythical than factual. A recent one floating around is about the equipment inside your unit. 

Contrary to these myths, you shouldn’t place your pieces of equipment according to their weight; you should place them according to the function they perform.

For instance, a stone crusher belongs in the northwest zone because that direction supports the act of crushing. (See Vastu Purusha Mandala for more.)

Equipment Placement in Compliance with Vastu Shastra

Raw Materials and Finished Products: West to Northwest

Raw materials and finished products are the lifeblood of your manufacturing unit. You depend on the former to produce the latter and vice versa. After all, you can’t purchase raw materials if you can’t sell the finished product.

Ensure continuous movement of your completed products by placing them on the northwest corner where you have the air element. The raw materials should go in the west zone for maximum output and continuous supply.

Segregated Parking Spaces for Vehicles

Industrial Vastu recommends segregated parking areas for small and long/heavy vehicles. For starters, assign a lot outside the unit to heavy vehicles. If you must assign a lot inside the unit, ensure Vastu Shastra by placing it in the south or southwest direction.

Lighter vehicles are more flexible; you can assign them a lot in the north, east, or northwest zone. You should be fine as long as you aren’t situating any parking lots for light vehicles in the northeast zone.

(Re)Build a Vastu-Friendly Factory: Find a Vastu Expert Near You

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