A science that has existed since the first century CE, Vastu Shastra is not such a simple subject.

While its true essence remains consistent, an expert will need to acquire specific information about the individual and their setting & environment before providing Vastu specific guidelines that deliver results.

What Your Vastu Consultant Can Tell You

Many misconstrue Vastu as purely a mythical study. Some dismiss it as pseudoscience. But far from it!

Though Vastu focuses on the flow of energy, it takes various other factors into account to offer a perfect personalized game plan, one that affects your quality of life in a positive way.

But keep in mind, Vastu doesn’t just help you determine direction, colors or design. A concept that takes into consideration all facets of architecture, Vastu explains how structural design can be used to create a more positive environment and teaches the user on the best way to implement a harmonious design.

A Vastu consultant guides you throughout this process and helps practitioners understand how the study works. They educate their clients on the impact of Vastu, showing them that it is the accuracy of the study that makes most believe that perhaps some sort of mysticism is involved.

An Example

Let’s say you want to design a room for prayer.

Your Vastu consultant will recommend the northeast or east corner. This corner is regarded as Ishan or the corner for God and is often in a deeper area of the house.

The Vastu consultant will also recommend colors such as pastels and white. The center of the room should remain clear of any obstructions; the room as a whole should remain clean.

If you focus on just spiritual growth, these recommendations make sense. Northeast and east is the direction from which Earth’s magnetic energy is generated. Given that you want to harness that energy through prayer, this corner offers the most power and gain.

Lighter colors promote positivity and a center of the room that’s clear of obstructions ensures that nothing hinders this flow of energy.

The Vastu of your prayer room helps you create a positive atmosphere, one that works in your favor. And that in turn helps you harmonize the flow of energy throughout your living space.

However, that’s not all Vastu does. In terms of design, this works. Taking the psychology of color into account, white helps create a brighter, happier atmosphere. Obstructions in the center of the room create blockages and clutter, which these steps do away with. The northeast corner offers more privacy and a more peaceful atmosphere to pray in. As a result, the “Vastu” of this room makes it the ultimate space for prayer and self-reflection.

Finding a Vastu Consultant

This is what a professional Vastu consultant offers. But keep in mind, not all who tout their name as professionals offer the correct information to begin with.

If you need assistance, someone who is extensively experienced in the field will be able to guide you well, such as Pallavi Chhelavda.

A reliable name in the Vastu industry, Pallavi Chhelavda can offer insight into how you can maneuver the architecture of your living space to work in your favor. Contact Pallavi Chhelavda today and use her expertise to make your home a better place!