Insightful, powerful, and empowering, Pallavi Chhelavda helps hone the skills of young professionals, and helps them find success via Vastu Shastra.

To be dated: As a 21st century intellectual, Pallavi Chhelvada has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to help transform young minds through the power of Vastu Shastra.

Statistics show that 63 percent of individuals use YouTube on a daily basis, making it the second largest social media platform after Facebook.

Pallavi Chhelvada uses the power of social media platforms such as YouTube to spread awareness about Vastu Shastra and to help young adults kick-start their careers positively.

Young adults nowadays are very ambitious and want to succeed in all aspects of life. But they often struggle with finding the right opportunities that can help them grow both professionally and personally.  

Young adults will find my YouTube channel to be extremely beneficial as I also provide free-of-cost consultation services to those who are unable to reach out to me,” commented Pallavi Chhelavda, talking about how she can help young bloods achieve success.

Pallavi founded the International Vastu Feng Shui Research Institute for the sole purpose of bringing balance into people’s lives and helping them achieve their goals and ambitions.

Many clients are young adults who are interested in Vastu Shastra and want to know what they can do to achieve their goals. Through my YouTube videos, they cannot only get enlightened on the subject, but they can also start applying these powerful strategies in their professional lives to get the results they’re looking for,” commented Pallavi Chhelavda, talking about how her YouTube channel attracts young adults who want to know the secrets of Vastu Shastra and how it can help them in their professional life.

Understanding the intricate guidelines of Vastu Shastra can be difficult to those who are unaware of its true power. Because it has margins that are thin, only an expert like Pallavi Chhelavda has the right tools and resources to educate and enlighten individuals interested in the art of Vastu Shastra.

Pallavi utilizes the practices of both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra to provide her clients with unique solutions.

Pallavi Chhelavda is also available for online consultation via her official website. She aims to answer your questions in light of Vastu Feng Shui.



Phone: + 407 529 5714

Skype: vastuvthpallavi

More about Pallavi Chhelavda

Pallavi Chhelavda is a popular name in the field of Vastu Feng Shui. She’s the founder of the International Vastu Fengshui Research Institute and is a best-selling author. Practicing Vastu Shastra for more than 26 years, Pallavi Chhelavda is a prominent Vastu consultant of the world.

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