The Vastu Inspired Motel

One of the best places to spend the night on a road trip, the motel has come to be known for its affordability and convenience. Not only is it much easier to check into, the availability of a room is quite higher as people don’t really stay for long in a motel room.
Where hotels usually ask for any sort of Identification, such a policy is not implemented among motels. Why?
Well, people don’t stay for long and most motels allow guests to stay in for as short as 3 hours. That aside, motels don’t offer any unnecessary amenities that guests won’t even get to use such as public spaces, gyms, spas, receptions with concierge areas and the like.
Simply put, a motel is as basic as it gets. Rooms are meant for individuals to have a place to stay for the night, though sometimes, some may feature free early morning breakfasts and laundry rooms, most just stick to th e basics.
This makes it an ideal business for those who want to earn passive income and work with family. Still, like any business, success is found in how much thought and effort you put into designing your establishment and delegating tasks to members/staff.
Vastu Tips for your Motel Business
One way of freeing yourself from the responsibility of researching as to what to get and where to put it, is by following the guidelines set by Vastu Shastra. An ancient science, Vastu has long been used by individuals to further their success in their business, family life and everything else.
Using the same concepts in your motel Business or plans to do so don’t just improve your business but you also ensure your guest a comfortable and satisfying stay.
Let’s take a look into some of the basic principles of Vastu that you can apply to your motel.
1. Make your dining room auspicious to success. This means making use of rectangular or square dining tables. Placing it in such a way that it is close to the kitchen and in the southwest, northwest or northeast direction of the house.

2. Putting the dining table in the center of the room and never in the southwest corner

3. Arranging items in the room so that beds are in the south or west portion so that the individuals sleeping can sleep with their feet facing towards the north or west only; televisions and telephones are kept on the right and left side of the bed only; and tables and chairs are harmoniously arranged in accordance with the magnetic axis of the earth.

4. Warm colors like orange, yellow, cream and brown are used in the interior of the building to nourish an enjoyable experience for guests.

5. Water tanks, swimming pools and other sources of water are placed in areas should be kept in the northwest area of the house.

Keeping some of these principles in mind, you may be able to set up your motel for prosperity and a friendly ambiance that would have people wanting to come in time and time again. It would be good to note though that these are just some of the basic principles and depending upon your staff and the majority of guests that you get in a year, some may not apply to you and you may need to meet other special conditions for your motel to fully abide by the rules of Vastu.
So what should you do?
Better than doing research on the topic, consulting with a Vastu Expert would be the best way to ensure your motel is a Vastu-compliant abode. Wherever you are in the world, internationally known vastu and Feng Shui expert Pallavi Chhelavda can help you do so. Providing services in person and online, she has been helping many celebrities and individuals build up their success with her knowledge on Vastu.
To know more about her you can visit her website on or you could watch her vastushows on her youtube channel Pallavi Chhelavda.

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