We are living in a time when information and knowledge that was once lost to us is now slowly starting to resurface and make its way into our modern lifestyles. One of the things become more and more commonplace is the understanding of energy and how the same works.

You have personal practices like meditation and yoga to balance us internally as well as disciplines and wisdoms like Feng Shui for application within the home and other spaces to improve energetic flows within said spaces.

How Spaces Define Our Energy

Spaces have the ability to lift or diminish our energy levels as has been proven by numerous studies. There are certain spatial arrangements that tend to sap the energy of those within, some that may be neutral and others that serve to replenish and improve the same.

The question is; when it comes to your home, are there ways to improve the existing energy within the residential space?

Work on your Entrances

When it comes to improving the energy within your home, there are a number of things that require your attention. Keeping in mind that your entrance is the first place you cross when coming home, you might want to look into what is going on there.

Entrances should be kept clean clear and welcoming. It also helps to keep a no shoe rule so that shoes and other dirty footwear may be left outside. If your door or other parts of your entrance are worn or damaged, spend a bit on maintenance and redoing whatever needs work.

Un-clutter Spaces

Clutter and untidy spaces invite negative energy and you don’t want that. In order to keep the energy positive in the space you’re in, get rid of whatever doesn’t need to be there. Make sure your spaces are open, clear and free of rubbish. You’d be surprised about the wonders this does!

The Old and Not Living

What you have in your home also contributes to the energetic within the space. You might not know this but old items gather energy from the spaces and people they interact with prior. Removing old hand-me-downs and unnecessary old furniture for instance is helpful and you get rid of the energy it carries too.

Another thing you want to keep out of your home space is dead material. Whether this is stuffed animal trophies, a butterfly collection or dead flowers, remember dead material attracts the wrong energy!

Removing things that are dead and old drastically improves the energy within a space.

Winding Down

The methods above as well as others help you improve the energetic quality of your space which in turn helps you feel fresher and get more done. Feel free to check out more of our material to improve energy such as the Vastu energy plate or look into Vastu consultants here in the USA!

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha Jo Zindagi Badal De”

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