There’s a lot more to home renovation than buying furniture and remodeling your kitchen.

Contrary to popular opinion, making your home beautiful doesn’t have to cost you fortune. And you certainly don’t need an interior designer to turn your clutteredapartment into a vibrant living space that actually feels like home.

If done right, decorating your home can be an incredibly cathartic and rewarding activity that allows a clear and consistent flow ofpositive energy into your life.

So, instead of stacking up a ridiculous bill by investing on criminally expensive furniture and appliances, follow these Vastu Shastra tipsto create a better living space in every sense of the word:

Pay Attention to Symmetry

In photography, we follow the rule of thirds. This means working with symmetry to create visual interest, focus and harmony.

Apply similar principles when decorating your home, and experiment with size, texture and shape to create a distinct visual impact. A great tip is to work with odd numbers when arranging objects and decoration pieces, such as candles and books.

As you incorporate different elements into each corner, you’ll notice a lack of uniformity in the room which keeps it from being boring or “vanilla”.

Allow Your Furniture to “Breathe”

We may be dealing with inanimate objects here, but that doesn’t mean they can’t manipulate the direction of energy in your home. Pave a clear path for yourself, literally and figuratively, by pulling the couch a few inches away from the wall, and keep your space from getting too congested.

Change is the essence of life; and nothing feels better than removing unnecessary items from your kitchen, bedroom and study, while keeping your favorite objects on rotate.

You know how you get ready for a special occasion, take one final look into the mirror and remove that one accessory that looks a bit much?

Do the same to your home. Take a step back and trim the excess.

Play with Colors and Light

You won’t believe how big a difference windows can make to a room. If you’re not letting enough sunlight into your home, or simply suffer from an unfortunate case of small windows, experiment with light colors and accents that reflect natural light.

One of the biggest changes that interior designers make to a home is through colors. Don’t pick a random shade that looks good in the brochure. Take a moment to consider the psychological impact of whites and neutrals, and if they’re compatible with bolder shades.

At the end of the day, your goal should be to build a home that doesn’t just look good, but feel good!

For more tips and advice on allowing positive energy into your homes, and by extension, in your personal and professional life, consult Vastu Shastra expert PallaviChhelavda. Catch her on her very own show at  these times!

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