According to the study of Vastu Feng Shui, fish tanks offer a lot more than just an aesthetically pleasing look.

Energy flows all around us, and can offer positive and negative effects on our surroundings. However, to utilize the good energy and hinder the bad, we need vestiges that would act as barriers to dissipate disharmonious effects.

As representatives of the water element – one of the strongest elements in Vastu Feng Shui – aquariums or fish tanks work perfectly in doing so.

Using Fish Tanks for Success

You may notice that many businesses use aquariums in their décor to add a bit of color and balance to the professional environment. That is because those business owners understand the impact of a positive force for energy.

When used correctly, aquariums provide success and harmony since they follow the guidelines that vastu has set for them.

However, if used incorrectly, their placement can bring about problems and hindrances.

How Fish Tanks Benefit Our Home Surroundings

  • Aquariums radiate positive energy.
  • According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu’s first reincarnation was in the form of a fish. As such, it is believed that fishes offer positive energy and absorb negative energy.
  • Healthy and active fishes attract fortune, happiness and wealth.
  • Feeding fishes brings about good karma.
  • Observing fishes swimming allows us to calm our mind and relax.


Vastu Tips on Keeping a Fish Tank

Maintain Fish Population and Atmosphere

According to vastu teachings, you can have nine fishes of different colors in the tank. Gold and dragon fishes are usually recommended since they are considered to be auspicious.

Out of those nine fishes, you can keep eight of one variety and use a ninth from another. Mostly, tank owners balance eight gold fishes with one dragon.

The fish tank also has to be cleaned monthly and kept aerated, clean and hygienic to allow the fish to grow. Your best choice is to use water pumps, filters and water circulation devices to keep the tank clean.

There should also be only one person who feeds the fish regularly since people do tend to over-feed the fish which leads to their death. Now, if a fish dies, do not consider this as a bad omen. Instead, replace the dead fish with a new one to keep the process going.

Optimum Location and Placement

The best location for fish tanks is the living or drawing room, the most optimum directions being the North and East.

But even with such directions, you must place the tank properly so that it faces the right side. For that, it is required that you seek the help of an expert to guide you.

However, if you wish to place the tank in another location, refrain from doing so. Vastu states that placing a fish tank in the kitchen or bedroom causes food and sleep-related troubles. Therefore, think twice before considering a permanent space.

Gain Help from an Expert

As an expert consultant in vastu feng shui, I offer expertise on all home décor matters through private and online consultations.

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