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The Married Life with Vastu

There is no guide on how to live our lives. Regardless, we must do whatever we can to learn from others and ourselves to avoid retiring with regret. This is especially the case with our relationships. While there are generalizations that do give us some sort of direction as to how to deepen our […]

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Vastu & Healthcare

Did you know that your environment plays a big role in making or breaking your physical well-being?

It might not have a direct impact on your body as eating food and exercising do, but whatever you put into your environment inadvertently affects you. Just think of it this way, if you were to leave garbage […]

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The Truth about the Evil Eye and Vastu Shastra

For anyone who’s familiar with Indian culture, you may have heard them speak about something known as the evil eye or buri nazar. 

The idea that malevolent forces may impart some negative energy on you is a concept that’s widely accepted in the Indian, Middle-Eastern, African, and Latin culture! You see that cobalt-blue eye not just […]

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