A home temple (mandir) integrates the Divine and sacred with the domestic. It serves as a reminder of our connection with the divine and to lead a life of duty and compassion. It is, therefore, imperative that your mandir is situated in the most auspicious way in your home according to Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural science rooted in millennia of divine wisdom. Here are some tips to follow for auspicious mandir Vastu.


Whether you have a west-facing house or an east facing one, you need to be mindful of the cardinal directions when placing your home temple. One cannot overemphasize the importance of directions in Vastu Shastra. Each direction is associated with certain energies (beneficial or harmful), and as the mandir is the point of connection with the divine, you need to be particularly mindful of mandir Vastu.

The northeast (also called Ishan Kona) is considered ideal for its solar-facing properties, among others. If the northeast is not possible, you can opt for the north or east instead but ensure that you avoid the south by all means.

Placing the Idols

According to Vastu Shastra best practices, there are some rules to follow when following idol placement as well. You should avoid placing the idols too close together or placing them in front of each other. You should prioritize the northeastern direction for their placement, too (although facing the west is also acceptable), and make sure to maintain their distance from the walls and the ground. Ideally, the feet of the idols should be level with your chest. Nothing should be placed higher than the idols.

A small idol of Shiva Nataraja surrounded by yellow lit tealights with a bowl of fruit on the left.

Placement of The Home Temple:

If you live in a two-story house, the best place to set up the home temple is on the ground floor, not the basement or the higher floors. This is reminiscent of the traditional placement of home temples in the “aangan” of a home. At the same time, make sure that it is placed at a distance from shoe racks. You must also ensure the room is not placed under any beam or staircase, as this is antithetical to proper mandir Vastu.

Doors and Ventilation:

Your home temple should be airy and spacious, with windows that do not face obstructions or walls. The windows and doors should open in the north or the east, and the windows should have two door shutters. You should also make sure that no idol faces the door.

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