From an early age, we are introduced to basic colors or “base colors”. This includes both the primary and secondary colors that are most commonly used such as red, blue, orange, yellow, green, violet and etc. You get the gist. Anyways, as we grow older, we learn that color can be associated to different abstract concepts such as ‘pink’ for females and ‘blue’ for males.

Fast forward and the difference between colors is segregated by hue and its effect on people or as psychology would have it, the ‘significance of color’ to moods, feelings and emotions. Though even without psychology, social norms set an example for us.

It is through this, that we learn that black can mean sadness, depression or darkness, yellow could mean happiness or joy and red symbolizes passion. Psychology gives us a scientific backing for these notions and makes an even more accurate association between colors and behavior.

However, colors long existed before the study of the psyche and there is another science which has analyzed the effect of the use of color on infrastructure to the mood or energy of an individual.

What is Vastu?

This such science, as you may have already guessed is Vastu Shastra. Originating in India, Vastu has existed for thousands of years. While the psychology of color makes use of colors to encourage or stimulate a particular emotion in an individual, Vastu Shastra takes it to the next level by utilizing the effects color has on the wave of the earth’s natural energies.

Utilizing such on the architectural design of a house or office space, Vastu encourages positive energies for prosperity, health and wealth amongst the dwellers, users or occupants of Vastu-friendly establishments.

If you wish to do so to your home, here are some of the Vastu Basics when it comes to color.

Color Coding

Now, there are different colors assigned to each room or section of the house when it comes to Vastu Shastra, however, here is the general concept of some of the colors. Once you’ve grasped that, you’ll be on your way to understanding this ancient science even better.


A bold color, red represents lust, passion, materialism, base energies, power, drama, warmth, energy and vibrancy. Active and stimulating, it’s best to use this color in areas that need warmth and energy. A combination of different shades of red can make a room very lively.

For people suffering from depression or anxiety this can be extremely stressful however, and thus it must be avoided.


Representing the sky and water, blue is known for signifying peace, contentment, beauty, inspiration, devotion and truth. Calming as it is, it helps healing and reduces pain.

While it is great to use in areas that are huge, it is best to choose lighter shades in the house. Nor must it be used in excess as it may lead to cough, colds and similar medical concerns. Due to the peaceful state of the color, it’s best to avoid using any shade of blue in the office, shop or factory.


A symbol of happiness, purity, positivity, optimism, wealth, concentration, and openness, yellow is the best color to use on smaller rooms. Having a broadening effect no infrastructure and on people, this is the best color to use for people who have behavioral issues.

Pastel Colors

Now, this isn’t really any color. Pastels or tints, which are pale tones of colors made my mixing a significant amount of white into a base shade are considered the best color option in Vastu Shastra. Their light touch and vibrancy easily attracts positivity.

While you could work with these vastu tips, if you have decided to live in complete accordance with the ancient science, it would be best to work with a Vastu Expert to help you on the details of Vastu Shastra that you won’t sort out by simply going from one article to the next. One such Vastu Veteran, PallaviChhelavda has helped many a soul gain peace and prosperity through Vastu.

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