Pallavi Chhelavda’s YouTube channel, Vastuliving with Pallavi Chhelavda, is a source of guidance for people who want to achieve their life goals

To be Dated: Located in Orlando, FL, Pallavi Chhelavda is a world-renowned vastu feng shui consultant. She has helped people from around the world, including countries like the UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and the US. Known for her 26 years of experience in the field, Pallavi has now become a global sensation!

Her vastu show, Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelavda, is broadcasted on international TV channels. Over the years, it has developed a huge fan base. However, as times change, she has started to tailor her content for an online audience.

Pallavi says, “The 21st century is the century of the World Wide Web. Everybody is on their smartphones all the time, and millennials prefer watching shows on their phone screens. However, this shift has robbed the new generation of an understanding of the mystical science of vastu shastra. To close this gap, I launched my own YouTube channel, Vastuliving with Pallavi Chhelavda, that caters to young people who get their content online.”

Pallavi founded the International Vastu Feng Shui Research Institute for the sole purpose of bringing light into people’s lives and helping them achieve their life goals. Here, Pallavi—along with other individuals in the vastu community—explores the benefits of vastu shastra on different aspects of life, including health, wealth, success, love, marriage, careers, etc. When Pallavi realized it’s transformative power, she found that there was a need for a YouTube channel for the research institute as well.

According to her, “Many of my clients who avail my services and guidance have expressed interest in the field of vastu shastra. They desire to learn more about its miraculous powers. Through my YouTube videos, they can not only get enlightened on the subject, but they can also start implementing it in their everyday lives to get guaranteed results!”

Pallavi Chhelavda’s YouTube videos are full of vastu knowledge and tips that help people take control of their lives and achieve their goals. Interested people can visit her YouTube channel or contact here with the information provided below:

About Pallavi Chhelavda

An international phenomenon and Vastu Feng Shui consultant, Pallavi Chhelavda helps people find health and wealth with vastu shastra. She’s a best-selling author of award-winning books and has been practicing vastu shastra for more than 26 years. Her TV show is broadcasted around the world and she also has a YouTube channel.


Phone: + 407 529 5714
Skype: vastuvthpallavi

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