Continuing from where we left off in our last blog, we look into some more indictors of bad energy and how we can use vastu feng shui to make our homes a better place.

What Causes Bad Vibes in Our Homes?

· Absence of Water Element

There is a reason why vastu feng shui consultants encourage their clients to add a water element to their house. Water denotes wealth that pours into your life.

Usually in the form of water fountains, we prefer if you place the water element near the entry of your home, inside or out.

Since the entrance is an important source for energy, water influences the flow to bring opportunities of wealth and happiness into our lives.

· Open Bathroom Doors

Bathrooms are usually the place where water and waste from your home is flushed out. And since water is related to your wealth, it’s crucial that you keep the bathroom door shut and the toilet seat down, so as to not draw away positive energy from your home.

· Uncovered Televisions in the Bedroom

A lot of us keep our televisions in the bedroom. What matters is if you cover it or not. A television has active energy because of the electronic aspect, and that can be disruptive for the calming energy we requite when we need to sleep.

It’s a good idea to cover your TV with a scarf or fabric when you go down for the night. You’ll notice a significant difference.

· Dirty Windows

The windows of your home symbolize your view of the world. If the windows are dirty and grimy, you in turn may have issues in seeing the good opportunities that may befall you.

Find some cleaning liquid or old newspapers and clean away the grime. You need to be able to experience everything that life offers with a clear view. This way, you’ll have a better chance of availing good offers.

· Stuffed Surroundings

The teachings of vastu living allow us to utilize free space with a balance in décor so the energy flow works to our benefit. As such, it’s obvious that over-stuffed surroundings would have an adverse effect on your home. Space clearing is important if you want to retain the energetic impression.

Use lighter shades to create a clear atmosphere, and add specific colors and scents to the room to uplift your mood.

Decorate Your Home with the Help of an Expert

The study of Vastu Fengshui is a complex one. As such, it’s important that if you use its teachings to decorate your home, you do so by consulting an expert.

As an expert consultant in vastu feng shui, I offer my expertise on all home décor matters through private and online consultations. To utilize my guidance, call me at 407-529-5714 and learn about the amazing effects of vastu and its importance in our home.

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