1. “Pallavi came into our lives as the guiding light we needed! My husband and I have never been happier. We used to fight daily. Now I can’t remember the last time we fought!” – Brenda P.
  2. “I never knew how greatly Vastu Shastra could affect my life! Thank you, Pallavi. You’ve opened my eyes to the beauty and power of Vastu!” – Linda D.
  3. “I watch Vastuliving with Pallavi Chhelavda every single day. I’ve introduced my coworkers to it as well and they love it! It has helped us immensely.” – Tammy F.
  4. “My boyfriend and I were facing problems in our relationship and we almost broke up. But thanks to Pallavi, we were able to save our relationship. Pallavi walked us through Vastu Dosh and how it works and we were left amazed!” – Sam M.
  5. “Pallavi Chhelavda is an incredible Vastu Feng Shui consultant! She was very sympathetic and listened to all of my problems before giving me advice instead of dismissing my concerns.” – Nikki G.
  6. “I’m Chinese and didn’t know how Vastu Shastra was closely related to Feng Shui. This got me interested in the practice and then I found Pallavi Chhelavda. She helped me immensely and I’ve never felt happier!” – Ruolan X.
  7. “Pallavi is a gem of a person! She was so kind and compassionate, and really helped us decorate our home accordingly. We’ve never felt happier and our life is surrounded by positive energy!” – Jennifer P.
  8. “We spent thousands on furniture. Despite our house looking amazing, we always felt miserable. Pallavi helped us see the light and restored the balance in our lives.” – Taylor
  9. “She’s such a bright personality and she’s amazing to work with. Very professional and insightful! “– Sasha F.
  10. “I never knew that adding certain furnishings and plants to my life could make me so happy! Thank you, Pallavi!” – Tara S.