A kitchen is where family and extended family communes during meal prep and mealtimes, at least as far as Indian-American households are concerned. According to Vastu, the foot traffic inside a kitchen makes it a major energy source.

Ensure this energy is positive—a source of motivation, health, and harmony—by checking out the following Vastu tips for kitchens inspired by this video.

Placement: In the Direction of Agni

Agni, the god of fire, is believed to guard the southeast direction. Thus, your kitchen must face that zone. Alternate with northwest if you don’t have a room facing that direction.

Don’t place your kitchen in the following directions to maintain peace and harmony in your household:

  • North
  • Northeast
  • Southwest

More Agni-Friendly Placements

Extend the Agni angle to your fire-related kitchen appliances, such as a toaster, stove, microwave oven, electrical oven, et cetera. Place them in the southeast corner so the person using them is also tilted in that direction.

You’ll ensure positive vibes by having the conduit and actor of fire-related activity face the southeast.

Don’t Mix the Elements of Fire and Water

According to Vastu, elements of water, such as the kitchen sink and water dispenser, should never intermingle with elements of fire. Since water is the opposite of fire, it may cause negative feelings and conflict.

Keep the peace by not aligning the cooking range with the water elements or placing it on the same platform as your sink.

A Kitchen with a Misaligned Sink and Oven, According to Vastu

Balance the Water Elements for Health and Prosperity

A pro-Vastu tip for kitchens: Balance your water elements for health, wealth, and success. These elements include your kitchen sink, washing machine, pipes, and drain. Ensure they face the north or northeast because the water element represents these directions.

Larger water elements can be placed in the west-facing direction to maintain a balance between the fire and water elements in the kitchen.

Remove the Obstacles

Remove the obstacles stopping you from achieving greatness and those creating friction between your family members. In the kitchen, these obstacles are represented by large fixtures, such as a refrigerator or standing freezer.

Since these are movable fixtures, you can easily rearrange them so they face the southwest. Doing this removes the barriers in your life and creates peace and harmony in your household.

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