You don’t move into a new home every day. Consider this your once-in-a-lifetime move, and ensure there’s nothing but positivity in your humble abode. Unfortunately, American homes aren’t built according to Vastu rules, but you can always implement them after construction.

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Start at the Entryway

The right start begins as soon as you step inside your new home. Basic Vastu tips for home are geared towards attracting positive energy, i.e., good health, wealth, and true happiness.

Implement the following to keep the negative forces out and bring the positive ones inside:

  • If your front door isn’t facing north, northeast, or east, the least you can do is ensure it doesn’t have a bathroom close to the entrance.
  • Hang picture frames or paintings of good luck symbols near the entrance.
  • Paint the walls green, white, or anything pastel.

Enter the Living Room

The living room is a communal space where family members and guests gather to socialize, entertain, and spend quality time together. Thus, it’s chock full of positive and negative vibes.

Ensure your home expels the negative and absorbs the positive by assigning a room facing in the northwest or northeast direction as your living room. You can also follow these Vastu tips:

  • Refrain from dark colors, especially red, burgundy, and black.
  • Hang picture frames depicting natural landscapes or wisteria.
  • Arrange your furniture so that it faces the south or southwest direction.
  • Avoid placing vases with artificial flowers and remove the natural ones as soon as they wither.
A Bathroom in Neutral Colors According to Vastu

Focus on Your Rest Rooms

Bathrooms are often overlooked in Vastu-compliant designs, but they’re one of the main reasons positivity doesn’t stick around your home long enough. Prevent the energies from leaving your house through the bathroom by following these new home Vastu tips:

  • Assign a room(s) facing the northwest direction as your bathroom(s).
  • Stick to earthy tones, such as tan, beige, gray, white, etc.
  • Ensure the vanity and shower face the north, northeast, or east.
  • Don’t have a bedroom, kitchen, or prayer room adjacent to or sharing a wall with the bathroom.
  • Replace a steel and iron door with a wooden door.

Your New Home Could Use More Vastu Tips

A home doesn’t just have an entryway, bathroom, and living room. It also has a kitchen, bedrooms, pantry, and what have you. Ensure they’re Vastu compliant to avoid financial problems, illness, and conflict in your home.

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