The Corona Virus Epidemic has closed us off from others. Many companies have temporarily cut off business affairs while others opted to stay in operation by keeping their employees on the clock remotely. Coincidentally, some chose to keep their company working despite the COVID outbreak.

No matter what situation you are in, whether you’ve been made to work at home or come to the office, the best thing to do is to look to the future. Though it may seem bleak for now, things will get better and when they do, it is best that you are better yourself.

Anything can happen. We might be stuck on a standstill throughout the whole of 2020 or we could be free of this dangerous virus before December comes around. While that uncertainty lingers you have the opportunity and power to work on what you can. And what better place to start than your career?

Is there Hope for Career Changes and Opportunities this 2020?

Everything is possible when you set your mind to it and open your door to the possibilities. As many a wise man has quoted, “positive energy attracts positive things”. This law of attraction has never ceased to prove its point time and time again.

While it does work, preaching it isn’t as easy as it is to practice it.

With friends, family, social gatherings, gyms, and other outlets for positivity closed or out of reach it becomes even harder to do so. That doesn’t make it impossible though. Yes, the longing for physical and emotional connection is hard to find for now, but positive energies are all around you, you just need to know how to fully exploit this.

You might not see it at first but gradual changes that allow for positivity will pacify your restless soul and open your eyes to the different doors of growth. But how do you do that exactly? Where do you start?

Grabbing Growth

It’s hard to catch something that you can’t see. This is why you must first clear your sight. The best way of doing so, is to create a Vastu Shastra compliant home and workplace.

An ancient art that manipulates the 5 elements of the earth- water, fire, air, space and earth – through the organization and decoration of a working or living space, Vastu encourages the best flow of positivity and prosperity within your environment.

While it might seem like mumbo jumbo, there is, in fact, so much scientific backing towards the approaches of this ancient study. The psychology of color is just one of the many study and scientific finding that has proven its authenticity. On that thought, it might seem like an easy practice to understand. Don’t let it fool you.

The workings of Vastu Shastra are in a way quite complex however, that you need the help of an expert to gain an even better grasp of how to live by it. Although it basically involves the placement and positioning of items such as decorations, doors, desk, chairs and table, it is dependent on your position in your workplace, your gender and even the type of career you are in.

Reading up on the basics does help but for you to build an even better Vastu-filled workplace or work setup, it would be best to consult an expert.

One such Vastu Veteran, PallaviChhelavda has helped many a soul gain peace and prosperity through Vastu.

The most renowned and veteran Feng Shui and Vastu Expert in the US, PallaviChellavada offers her services worldwide. With her online consultation services and Vastushows, she’ll make sure that you don’t miss a thing when it comes to bettering your home and self with Vastu.

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