There is no guide on how to live our lives. Regardless, we must do whatever we can to learn from others and ourselves to avoid retiring with regret. This is especially the case with our relationships. While there are generalizations that do give us some sort of direction as to how to deepen our connection with our family, friends and significant other, nobody can say for certain what must be done.

Each individual is different and what may work for one may not work for another despite stipulations wrought from a general understanding of human behavior. Even married couples who have known each other for quite some time before marriage do get into arguments and some even admit to not fully knowing or understanding their partner even after marriage.

Though some manage to get past such differences, some cases do escalate and become weaknesses that put the marriage on line. While some couples do get lucky with their partners and have less to no arguments or major setbacks that could put their relationship on the line there is no saying what could happen in the future.

There have even been instances in the past where some couples were torn apart by the fact that they had no arguments whatsoever. That said, there is no saying what could tear apart a relationship. With that logic, there would also be no fixed formula to keeping one intact.

But what if I told you, there was one such method that could help strengthen your marriage without you having to do much thinking? While you still need to put in the effort and keep communication open, this is a definite plus.

The Power of Vastu Shastra

An ancient science, Vastu Shastra has proven its prowess time and time again.  While not everybody understands how it works, and you do need to consult and expert to get the full run through on how to make it work out for you, the success of those who have tried it is not to be trifled with.

This discipline is built on the foundation that the earth itself has energies revolving around of it and while you may not see them, understanding where these are most abundant and how they flow is possible. In fact, it’s already been laid out for you.

Harnessing these powers, is as you guessed… Vastu Shastra.

Those who have used such methods in their home and workspace have seen a significant improvement in their work life balance, positivity and productivity levels. This includes relationships, whether they be familial, friendly or romantic in nature.

This has made it particularly useful in marriage- in getting into it, improving partnership or developing stability between the couple. Let us take a closer look as to how it affects the union of man and woman.

How Vastu affects Marriage

Before we cover how vastu affects an already budding relationship or marriage let us first delve into the factors that could delay or even prevent marriage. Of course, these are the grounds which affect the development of timeline of individuals getting married.

Here are some of the few home details that you need to take note of:

  • For unmarried girls (after her first period has started) sleeping in the north-east or south-west bedroom could hold off their getting married or even finding a suitable partner. It is advised to for her to sleep in the north-west bedroom. If this is not possible any room in the western area would be preferred so long as it is not in the south-west.


  • A boy of age, on the other hand, should avoid sleeping in the south-east area
  • Staircases or anything heavy must also be avoided at the center of the house
  • Underground water tanks in the south-west corner also disrupts the possibility of marriage.


Following these to a tee might not ascertain marriage, however they do prevent the hindrance or delay of such. This ensures positive relations among family members as well. Once a couple has decided to be married off however, such rules do not apply, in fact, you may have to do some things quite differently such as:

  • The southwest corner should be where the master’s bedroom is located to maintain peace in lovelife. You should avoid the south east corner as it brings bad luck and ruins intimacy.
  • Metal beds despite being in fashion and sought after aren’t the best of beds to use if you wish to follow the principles of Vastu Shastra. Wooden beds would be the go-to option.
  • The bed should never be found in from of the bed room door or opposite any door of the attached toilet and balcony.

While you can use these in Vastu Shastra tips in your home, it would still be best to consult a Feng Shui expert to get a precise list of what you should and should not though as these are pretty much general rules which you must follow to be Vastu compliant.

Each individual or couple rather, being different from others are unique and thus may meet some special circumstances with their case as they try to incorporate Vastu in their home to further improve their romantic relationships.

Once such veteran is Pallavi Chhelavda. Having first practiced in the home of Vastu – India- Chhelavda has enhanced her skills and knowledge on the subject matter that she has become a well-known Feng Shui practitioner. Many a celebrity and businessman have gained success with her insight and understanding of Vastu.

 Now residing in the US, she goes for a global audience by sharing what she knows of Vastu through seminars and YouTube videos.