For anyone who’s familiar with Indian culture, you may have heard them speak about something known as the evil eye or buri nazar. 

The idea that malevolent forces may impart some negative energy on you is a concept that’s widely accepted in the Indian, Middle-Eastern, African, and Latin culture! You see that cobalt-blue eye not just in Istanbul bazaars but in comic books.

Yet many dismiss this as a bunch of hooey. After all, how can anyone’s negative energy or bad thoughts affect you in any way? In truth, especially if you view the concept of the evil eye from a Vastu standpoint, there’s evidence that supports the existence of the evil eye.

Only, it’s not something so supernatural.

What is the Evil Eye?

Think of it as negative energy that radiates from one person to the next. Given that energy can be transferred, this negative energy emulates the initial person’s reaction, and carries itself toward the person it is directed toward.

Often unintentionally, this negative energy attracts even more bad energy. As a result, for the person unaware of this attachment, things start going the wrong way. And in many cases, this evil eye or negative energy ends up causing physical symptoms as well.

In many cases, people report vomiting, feeling stressed, nausea, and diarrhea. They also report arguments with their partners, issues with work, and a general sense of uneasiness and apprehension. And all of this occurs due to negative energy.

And that is what you have to negate from yourself.

How Do You Remove Negative Energy?

Vastu is the perfect tool through which we can create a positive general environment. However, for those who may be victims of negative energy, they’re meant to change their environment as a whole, and not just aspects of it.

This helps them in canceling out any supposed loophole through which negative energy could make its way through.

Clearing out the air, cleaning up your space, changing the colors of the wall, rearranging furniture, and making a more peaceful nature, adding mirrors—all of this helps in making the environment lighter, brighter and positive.

And that, in turn, helps lessen the impact of negative energy, until it is ultimately diminished.

But even with all these positives, there’s a condition. You can only follow the guidance of a professional Vastu consultant. Even the smallest mistake may just make things worse.

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