Known as the Science of Architecture, Vastu Shastra is regarded as a specialized branch of the field. Yet, for those who are new to the subject, most mistake it as something manmade, a pseudoscience that should not be perceived as a pure statement of facts.

For those skeptics out there, Pallavi Chhelavda offers the bare truth about Vastu Shastra, and what makes it a reliable field of knowledge.

Learning about Vastu Shastra

Before we begin, let’s clear the air regarding a certain misconception about Vastu Shastra.

Translated into English as “The science of architecture,” Vastu Shastra is a study backed by experimentally proven results. Established by the greats thousands of years ago, Vastu Shastra is an ancient field of knowledge. As such, dismissing the science as hogwash is not only unreasonable, it is unfair to those who could benefit from the science in the future.

A Basic Understanding of Vastu Shastra

Let’s move away from the spiritual aspect of Vastu Shastra and consider the study from a scientific point of view.

Everything on this planet is connected to each other by way of energy, through electromagnetic waves. These waves, in some form and direction, interact with each other. Their paths, though, are not permeable and can be disrupted if certain objects are placed in their path. In the same way that a magnet works, attraction and flow of energy can be interrupted. How we can create a consistent path without any obstruction is what Vastu Shastra focuses on.

How Vastu Affects Human Behavior

According to a study conducted on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, electromagnetic waves can be used to modify activity in specific areas of the brain through electric current manipulation. This is a small example of how electromagnetic waves can also impact our behaviors and lifestyle. Vastu goes into detail to explore this, and more.

As an example, something as simple as how a person sleeps can affect their overall health and well-being, since the body cuts through the geomagnetic field at the wrong angle. As a result, a specific part of their brain is affected.

Seeking Information about Vastu?

This is just a beginner’s guide to understanding the vast field of Vastu Shastra.

If you’re interested in learning more about the science, or need proper guidance on Vastu for your living space, Pallavi Chhelavda can help!

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