Pallavi Chhelavda is back every Saturday with her new live show
“Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelavda”

A renowned expert in the art of vastu fengshui, Pallavi Chhelavda has spent the entirety of her career trying her best to help people design their home in the most optimal way.

From architecture to the correct placement of vases and flowers, Vastu opens your personal space and allows positive energy in. Ms. Chhelavda educates people on Vastu Shastra and gives them the opportunity to implement the rules of the system in their homes and property.

Pallavi Chhelavda explains:

Vastu is a unique system, which many consider a difficult science, perhaps because they think of it as a new epistemology.
However, this ‘science of architecture’ has been an important component of Hindu culture for centuries, dating back to before the first century. You cannot deny that something with such strong roots is anything but the truth.

During the past many years, Pallavi Chhelavda has played a great role in bringing the study of Vastu Shastra to the mainstream. And with her help, countless property owners have taken the right steps when it comes to designing their home’s architecture.

If you’ve got a question about the science, tune in to Sony TV every Saturday at 9 AM EST. Ask the Vastu expert herself. Follow the right advice and enrich your home with positive light and affirmative energy!