When it comes to improving or upgrading your home or business’s design and architecture, you can’t just base your decisions on aesthetic and cost.

Aside from making sure that the design serves a purpose, you’ll want to guarantee that the Vastu of your property is optimum and positive. After all, even the smallest adjustment can bring about the biggest change, negative and positive.

This is why you need help. Specifically, Pallavi Chhelavda’s help!

As the leading expert in Vastu Shastra, Pallavi Chhelavda not only helps clients design the perfect space, she educates them on all aspects of the science of architecture, dispelling myths and solving problems, left and right.

Educated by masters in the art, Pallavi Chhelavda has gone on to help hundreds of people, including important personalities and celebrities. From India to America, Pallavi Chhelavda has helped clients all over in dealing with their Vastu and Feng Shui issues.


What You Can Expect

Keep in mind, Vastu Shastra encompasses all aspects of architecture. So whether you’ve had issues with your office landscaping, garden lighting or even your home’s length and width, all problems can be solved with a little help from the master in the game!

So if you’ve got questions, who better to consult with than Pallavi Chhelavda!

Airing on TV Asia Every Sunday at 12 PM EST in the USA, “Vastu Living with Pallavi Chhelavda” deals with all matters related to Vastu!

Let Pallavi Chhelavda answer your queries.
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