While every couple has problems in their relationship, constant fighting and bickering aren’t good.

Despite studies showing that fighting is a sign of a healthy relationship, there’s only so much you can put up with. The truth is that while relationships are made in Heaven, it’s our responsibility to maintain on earth!

Plenty of couples part ways and blame the breakup on “incompatibility” but Vastu Shastra says otherwise. Before you decide to call it quits, make sure you’re not making these mistakes:

You’re Not Changing the Color of the Walls:

Did you know that loud, bold, and dark colors are responsible for negative energy around couples? These colors are responsible for arguments and conflict!

According to the teachings of Vastu, it’s best to stick to light and subtle colors. It’s time to paint the walls with pastel colors!

You Have the Wrong Bed

The wrong bed can make you cranky. It can also lead to health problems, as well as problems in your relationship. Vastu Shastra suggests that you don’t opt for metal beds if you want a successful relationship.

According to Vastu, going for a wooden bed is the right decision because wooden beds are organic, and absorb negative energy from your body and surroundings.

You Have Artificial Flowers in Your Home

According to Vastu Shastra, artificial flowers create negative energy in homes. This can greatly affect your relationship.

Fresh flowers are a sign of life, fertility, and growth. Flowers make a huge difference in the energy of your home. They give life to its interior and exterior.

Vastu Shastra experts suggest going with tulsi (holy basil), money plant, and colorful flowers. They also suggest going for a blue or green vase.

Don’t keep dried up and wilted flowers in your home.

You Haven’t Consulted a Vastu Expert Yet

It’s understandable you’re tired of going to different relationship therapists. Couples therapy hasn’t been working because there might be nothing wrong with your relationship.

It could be the negative energy surrounding your home. A Vastu Shastra expert can help you gain insight into what’s causing the problem.

This is where Pallavi Chhelavda steals the spotlight!

Offering various solutions to relationship problems through Vastu Shastra, Pallavi Chhelavda has more than 26 years in the industry. Vastu can benefit all aspects of your life, personal and professional.

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