Pallavi Chhelavda helps enlighten clients on the subject of Vastu Shastra through interactive YouTube videos.

To be dated: With more than 26 years of experience in the industry, Pallavi Chhelavda is using her expertise on the subject of Vastu to help individuals from different countries.

She provides exceptional advice to clients through short YouTube videos, focusing on the various problems they have. Her videos focus on health, wealth, success, marriage, and relationships. Each video focuses on how Vastu Shastra and Vastu Living can help solve problems in her clients’ lives.

“Today, people prefer using their smartphones to browse the web and watch videos. But not a lot of people know about Vastu Shastra. That’s why I set up my YouTube channel, to help educate Millennials about the mystical science of Vastu,” commented Pallavi Chhelavda, talking about how Millennials prefer using smartphones to browse the online web, and how she uses her YouTube channel to educate them about Vastu.

Through Pallavi’s YouTube videos, clients can get gain knowledge on the subject, and also start incorporating her advice in their everyday lives to get the best results and solutions.

Her YouTube videos are full of tips and tidbits about Vastu Shastra and Vastu Living that help people take the right steps to achieve results, and meeting their goals.

“I firmly believe that knowledge is power. That’s exactly why I focus on educating my clients. The more they learn about what Vastu is, the more they’ll know. My videos are short because I want my clients to learn about what I have to offer. They’re sample videos of what they can expect when they come to my office for consultation, or when they visit the International Vastu Fengshui Research Institution,” commented Pallavi, talking about how clients can watch her short videos before deciding to visit her office or her research institute.

Pallavi Chhelavda has conducted various presentations and workshops on Vastu in different countries, including the U.K., U.S., Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

She has clients from around the world who have subscribed to her YouTube channel. She regularly posts new videos on the subject, and even has her own TV show dedicated to Vastu.

In addition, she is also a published author, having written numerous books on the subject.

Individuals who are interested in Vastu Shastra can browse through her YouTube channel or get in touch with her using the information provided below:

About Pallavi Chhelavda

Pallavi Chhelavda has been in the Vastu Shastra industries for more than 26 years. Her extensive knowledge of the subject has helped her provide solutions to clients from all over the world. She regularly posts on YouTube to help clients get a glimpse of what she has to offer.



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