When it comes to building your brand and your business, you have to do everything humanly and legally possible to create systems, products and ideas to generate the most income. The first things that would typically come to mind in doing so are developing working business structures and platforms, choosing low cost suppliers, creating marketing materials to attract potential buyers and patrons.

As the norms of society shift from generation to generation and period to period, these ideas need to be changed from time to time however as business is not art. Though it means a lot to be unique and to stand out in this world, there is no denying the fact that when coming up with a business, one must be able to satisfy the needs of his/her supporters.

Thus the question as to which one should follow comes as quite a dilemma to the ever growing business. What remains true and unchanged however, is that the basics of business will never change.

Vastu Basics

As such, one of the practices that can change the outcome and atmosphere emitted by your business which will not have to undergo drastic changes is the application of Vastu to the placement of your items, accessories and furnishings, the design of your whole home.

An ancient science, Vastu has long been praised for its effectiveness in promoting a positive outlook among both employees and clients.

How does it work?

Taking into account the magnetic energies and forces of the earth and how it affects the elements and composition of the materials and individuals around us, Vastu has long analyzed and determined the best setup for the success.

Thus, the success of one establishment may differ from another as they have different.

There are however, some basics by which one can follow. Here are some of them

  • Southwest is best

This is not to say that everything should be put in the southwest direction of a room but rather that the business owner’s room is best put in the southwest direction. This allows him or her to face the north. It is good to note that desk should be a solid wall against the desk  – not a window or glass structure.


  • The Entrance

The best areas to situate the entrance or exit of your establishment would be the north, northeast and northwest directions of the building. Additionally, it is best to ensure that none of these passageways are obstructed in any way, shape or form to allow the free passage of energy.


  • The Reception


The reception is designed to be a welcoming environment that allows guests and clients to feel at ease and calm. Ideally the best location to arrange your reception would be in the east or northeast direction of the building. At the same time, it would be best to use bright and warm colors as well as comfortable seating to better enhance the overall warmth and positive ambiance.

Following these rules, one should be able to feel changes in the outcome of negotiations, meetings and just an overall change in the vibes of workers and clients alike. These are pretty much basic and generic rules however, and it would be much better to consult with a Vastu expert to better improve your business.

This said, one of the best Vastu and Feng Shui experts to reach out to is Pallavi Chhelavda. Known for helping celebrities, businessmen and families develop the atmosphere and energy of their home long before they have reached fame, she has polished her skill and knowledge of Vastu through years of reading, incorporating and practicing vastu in her day to day life.

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