There are times when you feel like your life is going nowhere. You continue to face challenge after challenge and your career is always under the threat of failure. As disturbing as times like these can be for your mental health, they’re not uncommon.

Most of us go through many instances of such traumatizing phases. Why are they so frequent in today’s day and age, though? It’s because of all the vastu dosh that’s surrounding you!

What is Vastu Dosh?

Vastu dosh is a concept that stems from the ancient Vedic tradition of Vastu Shastra—or the science of architecture. Vastu Shastra is a system of architecture that brings prosperity, happiness, and growth to a building and the people who live in it.

In relation to this, vastu dosh—or flaw—is the failure to comply with the system of Vastu Shastra. This upsets cosmic energies that bring positive forces into your life and attracts negative energies to fill that void.

Why Is Vastu Dosh Detrimental to Your Career?

Your career is an extension of your personal life. If things aren’t going well in your personal life, it’s a given that you’ll fail professionally as well. But it’s more than just that.

While, vastu dosh in your home and workplace does more than just evoke conflict and unhappiness, it also holds back growth and wealth that are supposed to come your way!

That’s why it’s crucial to take note of the vastu dosh around you and correct it as soon as possible!

How Can You Correct Vastu Dosh?

There are a number of ways that vastu dosh can be erased from your life so you can welcome happiness, health, and wealth back into it!

According to expert Vastu consultant Pallavi Chhelavda, you can make the following changes to your house and workplace to complete evade Vastu dosh:

No matter where you are—at home or work—never sit with your back to the entrance. All the positive energy in your life enters from the door, if you sit with your back turned towards it, you might turn away the positive energy.

Doing so is also  not good for your psychological wellbeing, as when you sit with your back to the door, your mind stresses out because you don’t know who might enter!

Another thing to avoid is needless cluttering. It might seem difficult to organize your life when your career is in shambles, but it’s all interconnected. The clutter on your desk clutters your mind and confuses the cosmic forces around you.

Clearing your desk will help you clear your mind and start afresh.

For more useful vastu tips, get in touch with the globally renowned Pallavi Chhelavda, who can change your life and career for the better with her knowledge of Vastu Shastra!

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