Having a successful career is by far the most important thing in most people’s lives. You work hard to make it big every day; getting that next promotion or big project requires dedication, after all.

And while you try to keep your head down and focus on your goals, it’s human nature to compare yourself to others. It may bother you that somebody else is richer or more successful than you despite a similar background, for instance.

So what do you attribute that to? Luck? You’d be right to some extent. Luck on its own isn’t enough, however. There’s always that something extra that helps achieve your goals.

Yes, we’re talking about Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra is the science of balancing energies. If your home and workplace are set up in a way to allow energies to help you, you’ll find yourself succeeding in all parts of life.

Living in a home or working in a place that isn’t Vastu compliant can cause problems, though. Whether you’re an employer or employee, having an office environment that’s in line with the rules of Vastu will surely help your business and career flourish!

Many of us unknowingly make some common mistakes in our offices that lead to an imbalance of energies. In order to get the best support of Vastu and balance energies for your success, here are some mistakes to avoid:

Never sit under a beam

In Vastu, sitting under a beam can result in many problems. Firstly, it can restrict the flow of energy into the space. A low ceiling in known to be inauspicious too. Sitting under a beam is known to repress your luck. Beams release negative energy and you don’t want to be sitting beneath them. Change your seating arrangement at your workplace if you’ve been sitting near or under a beam.

Don’t sit with your back towards the door

The door of a room is an entry point for energies that balance the office environment. Having your back to the door has an effect on your mood too. The human body is known to release more stress hormones because of the fear of the unknown.

Don’t hang pictures of water bodies behind you

Having scenic pictures in your personal office is quite common. Pictures of waterfalls, lakes, and the sea are known to be calming and aesthetically pleasing. However, when it comes to Vastu Shastra, having paintings or pictures of water bodies behind your seat is a mistake. It denotes a lack of support and can cause an imbalance of energies.

Avoid clutter

A cluttered workspace can affect the way your brain works. You’ll lose focus easily and find it difficult to finish up your work. The quality of your work is compromised too as a result.

If you’re looking for more in-depth knowledge on Vastu, visit Vastu Shows. Pallavi Chhelavda is a renowned Vastu Consultant who can guide you to resolve any issues. Contact us at 407-529-5714 for more information.

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