It takes a lot of time and effort to turn a house into a home. We spend countless days choosing the colors of our interiors, right to the smallest detail regarding what type of candle to use.  Even the slightest oversight can affect the balance of energies in your home.

Don’t worry, though; you don’t need to renovate your home to make it Vastu compliant. Here are some things to avoid if you want to achieve the best flow of energy in your home:

Using dark colors

A “modern” take on interiors is to incorporate dark colors. Whether you have dark walls or thick dark curtains that block out light, it can really affect the balance of your home. Colors directly affect our moods. Light and bright colors are known to uplift the mood, while dark colors can be gloomy.

Here are some colors and what they mean:

  • Red: shows power, energy, and materialism
  • Blue: is calming and stands for beauty
  • White: is known for purity and luxury
  • Orange: is for health and warmth
  • Green: stands for fertility and prosperity

Choose colors for your home wisely. Every color represents something and can affect your lives accordingly.

Vastu expert Pallavi Chhelavda advises that red, black, and grey are not suitable for the home. Instead, homeowners should look into shades of blue, green, white, or yellow.

Cacti and other thorny plants

Plants are quite common in homes. What a lot of homeowners don’t realize is that plants bring in a lot of energy. While some plants are valued for their medicinal qualities, others purify the air around us. Plants are generally very welcome in a home. There are some plants, however, that aren’t appropriate for your home.

According to the rules of Vastu, plants in the cactus family should never be kept in the home. Even bonsais and plants with red flowers adversely affect the balance of energies inside the home.

Avoid keeping plants in the northeast corner of the home. Potted plants shouldn’t be kept along the north and east walls either.

When choosing plants to place in your home, opt for basil or money plants. They’re known to bring prosperity and happiness to the home.

Paintings and statues

The paintings and statues displayed in a home affect family members. Religious paintings are ideal for the home, especially in the bedroom.

When it comes to statues, a statue of Buddha is a good choice. This statue should be placed in the north-east direction in the living room.

Avoid dark and scary looking paintings and posters. Nude images and abstract paintings are also a no-no. Statues of wild beats and birds aren’t ideal either.

If you’re looking for more in-depth knowledge on Vastu and how to implement it in your life, visit Vastu Shows. Pallavi Chhelavda is a renowned Vastu Consultant who can guide you to resolve any issues. Contact us at 407-529-5714 for more information.

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