Throughout the ages, crystals and gemstones have been revered for their healing properties. People in ancient cultures around the world have used crystals to align their mind, body, and spirit; transforming them as a whole. From the Mayans to the Egyptians and the Sumerians, crystals and gemstones have been devotedly adorned and are considered sacred stones.

From clear quartz to moonstone, ruby, selenite, amber, and more; crystals and gemstones can cleanse the soul and promote wellness. Crystals are said to harness the power of natural elements such as the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, and help us become one with the universe.

In the modern day, many of us wear our birthstones as a totem of good luck and personal power. These gemstones can help us align our chakras and gets our energy flowing. Let’s see how crystals can help heal us on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

How Do Crystals and Gemstones Heal?

Scientific research has proven how everything—from an inanimate object to the hair on our head—is made up of energy. All solid matter is a form of energy at the most fundamental level. Similarly, healing crystals and gemstones are composed of the same energy that is present in the very atoms of our bodies.

People have long been harnessing the power and energy of crystals to control objects. From using quartz in our watches or placing chips in our smartphones and computers; some forms of healing crystals are present everywhere in modern technology.

Crystals are even used in our medicines. Pharmaceutical companies grind up minerals present in healing crystals and use them in medicines which heal ailments.

How Can Crystals Heal You?

Helping with everything from migraines to anxiety and many other conditions, crystals can help heal a lot of our ailments. They can also help align your chakras in trance and meditative states. Here are a few primary ways they can heal you:

  • Cleanse – Healing crystals have the power of cleansing you from within by absorbing certain negative energies. Just like a magnet repels like poles, healing stones can repel negative energies.
  • Energize – Healing stones also help attract positive energy towards your body. They can harness positive energy from near you and help absorb it into your body.
  • Balance – Maintaining homeostasis—or a state of balance—in our body is essential to life. Healing stones can balance the mind, body, and soul, and prevent disharmony.

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