While the kitchen may be the most useful room in a house, the living room takes the prestigious crown of being the most used room. From watching Netflix to just hanging out, the room can be used for a bunch of different reasons.

This makes decorating living rooms such a challenge. Above all else, your living room should be lively and welcoming, so that when you receive guests they feel right at home. Here are a few tips on how you can add some flavor and personality to your living room!

Paint One Wall:

Gone are the days when every wall in the house had to be painted the same color (usually white). A simple way of adding life to your living room is by painting just one of the four walls. By doing so, you automatically make that wall stand out more than all others.

While some people mount their TV’s on this painted wall, it’s also perfectly acceptable for you to add your family photos on this particular wall so that the attention of your guests is drawn to it automatically.


While we’re on the topic of painting walls, vastu feng shui experts claim that light colors like blue and purple can attract wealth and help with the flow of positive energy in your house so it’s a win-win!

Potted Plants Help:

Nothing adds life to a room quite like Mother Nature! So if your living room feels a bit monotonous and dull, you can always spice things up by adding a cute little plant!

When it comes to choosing the plant to add to your living room, you’re almost spoiled for choices. You can always get beautiful flowers like African daisies if you want to add color, but nothing adds life more than the epipremnum aureum (money plant). Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it requires minimum maintenance and has many vastu benefits as well which are a major bonus!


Get Some Striking Art:

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Nothing gets the senses tingling and the heartbeat going quite like art! Pictures and paintings have this uncanny property of making a statement and striking a chord despite being inanimate! Thus, when it comes to adding life to a living room, your safest bet is adding striking paintings. Broad, careless strokes of color on a blank canvas are bound to be a massive hit among your guests, and will do wonders as far as giving your living room some personality is concerned.

That being said, you should be extremely careful when adding paintings as it’s very easy to go overboard. Too many paintings and pictures, or even art that contradicts itself can give off bad vibes and can become the hub of negative energy in your house!

We understand that adding life to a living room is no easy task. This is why it’s always a good idea to bring in an expert.

Meet Pallavi Chhelavda, an expert on vastu shastra (i.e. the science of architecture). She has decades of experience and would love to use her knowledge to improve the flow of energy in your house!

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha Jo Zindagi Badal De”

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